Thursday, August 2, 2007

Good Golly Miss Molly

Oh my heaven sake...
I just talked to my sister in Branson. You know the guy we found at TJMaxx and trained??? Well, he was to be back today to work his part time job!!! That little snot bucket did NOT even show up. He didnt even call! My sister called his cell # and left a message. No answer at all! No, he did not even call and tell her he wasn't coming in! He just didnt show up. Its a darn good thing I'm not closer to the TJMaxx Store. I would march myself right in there and open up a big can of whip ***!
If the job was too hard for him he should have said something before he left. Or, at least called and said, it's not what he was looking for.
So, she took care of the store alone. She said that she did OK. The people were never lined up, but just a steady flow of people. Most of then were very understanding when she told them her part time help didnt make it in.
Anyway I am just appauled by this whole mess. Didn't his mamma teach him better??

tootle loo,

ps, If you go to Branson, stop by TJ Maxx and ask for Clint, ask him if he forgot his manners!!!

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tommiea said...

If I lived near Branson I would. Plus I love me some TJMaxx!