Friday, August 10, 2007

Classroom complete...probably

The entrance to my room. I though the curtains looked a bit like a circus, but they are growing on me. The picture is a bit dark, but you get the general idea.

This is the front of the room. I still have stuff to put away and get organized, but generally its coming along. I painted my desk with chalkboard paint. The kids write sentences, spelling words, or practice with magnetic letters.
I also use my laptop for grades. Last year was the first year we only used the computer for grades. It works great. Sure is better than a grade book.

This is a view from the door side of the room. The cubbies for take home papers, and general stuff. The girl used to set outside the door with her little sign that says "Mrs. Sheehan's Room", but its about to fall apart. I need for her to be tighten up a bit. Maybe a little surgery. She is starting to fall apart. The banner above the window says "second grade". The rest of the stuff is just games and centers.
This is a picture of the back of the room. the sink is in the dark blue. The table by the sink is an old spool from our local REC. I covered the top with fabric and put heavy plastic on top. Then look out I have an electric stapel gun. Bam, bam it set. The banner that is hanging says: "Sheehan's Smarties", that is our class moto and my webpage name for parents to reference daily. Its helpful for homework and announcements.
I guess I didnt take a pic of the white board side of the room, oh well!
That's the tour for now. I am not going back up until Monday. We have mtgs all day on Mon., Tues., and 1/2 day Wed. Back -to-School Night is Wed night 4-7, so if its not finished now , it won't get done.
Im way tired, so off to the couch to lay like a toad.
tootle loo,

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tommiea said...

what a great room....I was a teacher way back before kids. I taught special ed in OK and AK. I kind of miss it, I think I miss my friends more than the actual teaching! I was an ass't principal when I finally left. I do not miss dealing with all the parent problems!

Enjoy your year!