Sunday, April 17, 2011

to the rescue

No I have not disappeared from the face of the earth... Just tired and didn't have much to say!

But, my buddy Cash was having trouble staying asleep so I sent him a "special" pillow case washed in "secret special soap" that is guaranteed to keep any little boy or girl asleep all night long. you can read about it here.     Its adorable!

Need one... call me and I can make your child a special one too!   maybe a new venture for moi. 

Anyhow back to the family.

this is son #1 and his girlfriend Sarah. Well, he has a new job... Sheehan Enterprises. He is doing air monitoring as a subcontractor... but he had to have a chest x ray last Monday. All was not well with that, as he had a spot on his lung near the spine. Being the spastic mother.. my mind went crazy as did my whole being. But he had a CT Scan Friday and all  is well. He has a 'normal vascular anomaly' huh, that's what I said too. Translation: he is weird but normal.  whew! Thanks God for normal abnormal kids .

Next week is Easter. when do you stop making Easter Baskets for the children. Yes, I still make them for the boys and their sweet wives/girlfriends! I know, I know its time to give it up... the boys are 27 and 28! seriously... but next week we will have Easter baskets and a 'money loaded' Easter egg hunt... Help am I a crazy momma?????

So, Have you bought groceries lately? Gee.. I went for my normal shopping trip... $400. for groceries. WE are planting the garden I tell you. Its horrible.

 Last night we went to the final performance for the TU School of Drama and Theater... it was at the Joint that's in the casino! So hubs and I played the slots... I spent a whopping $6.00 and lost it ... hubs spent $8.00 and lost it!  Then this morning in Sunday School we only had bigs bills for offering. Well, if that's not an old kick in the hiney ... a fool and his money are easily parted and they you need to pay big to God the next day. hehehe. I didn't even have 50cents for the Upper Room!   But the performance was wonderful.... they sell season tickets each year and they are great. What a wonderful way to introduce the performing arts to your kids and the tickets are very reasonable.. see ya there next year. They are usually at TU.

 See this house.... Yep, I want to sell my house and build one just like it on the ten acres -family land we have north of town.  The boys want to build there too. I have a little place picked out right by the pond. I wont bother them at ALL, and the babies can just run over for ice cream and fun and nini's house.  Oh wait I don't have grand babies yet. Well, by the time the house is built I will maybe
 Hip hip hoorah.... i gave up pop for Lent. one more week and my favorite drink cam cmoe back to me now!!!!!!! that can be in my easter basket.

 Tootle loo