Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink Flamingo

What says summer better than bright hot pink.... pink flamingo's that's what. i love them! I don't have any and I would guess that if I purchased some and plopped them in the flowerbed in the backyard, hubs would make fun of me just like he did when I put little twinkly lights in the trees last year. I put lights in the trees around the pool that isn't there anymore, thus the lights are gone. But I love decorating the backyard for summer. Light on the patio, fire in the chimnea lemonade on the table, me in the porch swing, a few tunes on the CD player and life is grand.

Whats you favorite summer backyard fun? Do you think I should grab a few pink flamingo's for the backyard??????

Tootle loo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wrinkled Ladies

Crack me up... I hope I am looking a bit better in my 50's.
Tootle loo

Lazy Tuesday

Both of my boys are sick and that makes me so sad. Ryan pulled a muscle in his shoulder/back and is on meds for that. Lance had an infection on his tail bone last year- very painful. Its back and he is on meds too. Pray for them both... they need healing!

I fell at church on Sunday morning and landed on my knee, and elbow. My back was hurting, so I went to the chiropractor yesterday and feel much better... scheduled a little massage for Thursday. I know .... just my neck and back...
The weather here is making me crazier than normal... cold/warm... warm/cold... whats the deal. I am sure that in July we will wish for some cold weather...
Today is chore day and I need to clean the house and finish the laundry, then return a few items to WalMart and make something yummy for dinner....
Somewhere, somehow I have gained 4-5 lbs. I usually fluctuate about 2-3 lbs, but the scale seems to be going up and up. I took steroids a few weeks ago. Doe that cause weight gain that much and that quickly? Is it water weight or muscle weight, or fat weight... I hate it, cause I weigh every day and I am compulsive about keeping it under 130 lbs.... ? So anyway I better get up off my 'popo' as we call it at preschool and get going with my day...
Have a great day and enjoy the cool weather.

Tootle loo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

key lime cake...oops

We had a delightful time last night celebrating a 40th bday at Polo Grill. I ate way too much and didn't dare leave any of that delicious food.
lobster bisque
spinach salad with pecans
beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, green beans
baked fudge with ice cream and raspberry sauce
2-3 glasses of wine... maybe 4.
Happy B day Trost... seriously you will be 40 tomorrow... seriously..
I got this recipe from the Tulsa World... Trisha Yearwoods fav cake... well I read through the recipe QUICKLY and put the lime juice in the cake instead of mixing it with pwdr sugar for a drizzle once it come out of the oven. What now--- just a a bit more flour.... oops I didn't have any oil--- just add applesauce .... I will let you know how it turns out.

I woke up with a big red eye. seriously all of the white part is RED! UGLY eye!!!!!

Tootle loo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my special place

I had to go to my special place in my mind today....

I had an appt to go the the 'new Dr.' for blood work... I dont handle blood work well. I pulled up my big girls panties, and went in for my 2:00 appt.
here is how it went:

2:00- waiting
2:30- waiting
2:45 waiting- is it usually this long I ask the receptionist- no he is going out of town and we overbooked.
3:00 waiting
3:30- waiting
now all these time after 2:30 I asked about the time issue. I was the only one waiting!
3:40- the dr. comes to get me... on the way he stops to tell an elderly patient " I have to meet with this patient, she will leave if I dont. I will be right there!
He then tells me those people had been there since 1:00.... then we go to his office and this is the conversation:

him- did you bring your blood work
me: no thats why i amd here
him: we dont do blood work after 2:30
me: I was here at 2:00
him: well you should have done it somewhere else!
me: you told me to do it at a lab or come here... I chose to come her.
him: really, we dont do blood work after 2:30.
me: its not my fault you were running late.
him: did you change you eating habits to discontinue gluten
me: no your said to wait.
him: oh
me: so I waited and made an appt for you to do that here.
him: well. you have to understand that I am a country type doctor and take a lot of time with each patient...
me: maybe you should schedule 1 hour between each patient... I am getting pissed!
him Did the steroid work?
me: yes, but I expected it to reduce the inflammation.
him: I went to a mtg this weekend about gluten and I think you have PMR, if you do you will go blind, if you dont take steroids for 2 yrs!
me: holy shit.... what
him: repeats himself
me: stunned
him: we will need to put you on a low dose steriod after you get you blood work.
me: still stunned and starting to tear up.
him: opens the door and tell the nurse to take my vitals and give me a new blood work sheet, that I need to take elsewhere to have done.
me: still standing there. but I go get my viatals and the nurse offers to do my blood work... she tell the Dr. she can do it... he yells at her that she has not idea what is needed and takes her to do something else!
me: still stunned, standing inthe hall and getting pissed off!
him: are you still here?
me : yes, I am waiting on my lab request...
him: you have it
me: I dont
him: yelling at the nurse to get it so I can get on with my day!
me: starting to really tear up... I get my papers and on the way out to the reception office, they ask me if I want another appt.
Me: Hell no I dont want another appt. I came here to get my labs done... its your fault you were running late... he tells me I am going blind ,without doing any testing or diagnosis... I am paraded in front of an elderly couple that has to wait cause he HAS to see me... and I get yelled at cause I didnt chance my diet to gluten free.
Nope I didnt not pay my copay... No I wont go back... No I dont have the symptoms of PMR... no I am not going blind....

I need my happy place...

Tootle loo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I had a list of stuff to do today, I left it at home when I left the house. Oh well. I had a wonderful massage this morning at 9:00. I almost fell back asleep...

Hubs and I want to go on a small vacay in August. We love to go to Grand Lake, Colorado. Right west of Denver at the entrance to Rocky Mnt Natl Park. We found it about 20 yrs ago and have taken the boys and gone alone numerous times. Its an awesome place. It reminds me of Red River back when I was a little girl. Slow pace and beautiful.... Anywho we stay at the Lemmon Lodge or the Rapids. This bed is in a cabin at the Rapids. I need to make the reservation today!!!!!
I went to Target to get some body oil. You know Neutrogena Sesame oil... I left spending $154.00 I guess I got more than body oil. yikes.... the $$$ isle kills me! oh well...

Jo Ann's fabric had a sale on patterns for 99cents! yep that's right. I got 5 patterns and fabric... I need to make some dresses and shirts. I HATE TO CUT OUT FABRIC!!!! love to sew hate to cut!

I want to make some pillows out of burlap and linen. I will add some various stampings to the front. This is one I will make 1st.
Now I just need more time. Seems like I get the laundry done and house tidy and then its time t go do something else.... I need some time without something else.
I bought the last of the plants that need to go in the ground or planters this morning too. I need to get outside and tackle that before the day is over.
Off to get some stuff done... have a great spring day!

Tootle loo

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Celebration....I think

Heavens to Betsy.... this is the first day in FOREVER that I can remember waking up NOT hurting all over my body. Perhaps the strange Dr. I went to is correct. This is the 3rd day of cortisone and I feel better than I have in many months. I am more rested, don't ached all over and ready to conquer the world.

I am to go back for a plethora of blood work next week to rule out some more issues, but if this continues... I will sing praises forever!

Keep praying it works.

Tootle loo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too much information

I went to the Dr. today. A new Dr. that specialized in fibromyalgia. Kind a a strange cookies but a very informative Dr.

Anyway... I do have fibromyalgia symptoms. I was diagnosed about 9 yrs ago. Being diagnose is ruling out all other syndromes and things! So that's what I have treated for that long.... going to Physical TX, Chiropractor, acupuncture, drugs, yoga, etc.

Where was I... oh yea, I went to the Dr today and he thinks I may have one of the following with or without fibromyalgia.
1. thyroid issues- seems my tongue is fat!
2. adrenal fatigue
3. gluten sensitivity
4. something I cant remember....

He gave me a list of lab test to have, need a bone density- had one 2 yrs ago... need another!
saliva test, poop test, ekg... holy moly!

Hubs went with me and we were both overwhelmed with information... I need to reduce my stresses- hahaha me??? also rest more- hahaha me? so keep me in your prayers that God will lead me where I need to be and the right testing will be done and the right diagnosis will be made.

Tootle loo

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter!

We had the family over for Easter dinner. Mom and Rick cam up for Church, then dinner from OKC...Lance and Laura, Ryan, Mikes Mom and hubs. I made a yummy pork roast with cherry and pecan sauce, asparagus/prosciutto bundles, rolls, deviled eggs, mom made apple cake and Mikes mom made potato salad. I was fantabulious.

We had a wonderful Easter Service today at BAUMC- The choir sang The Hallelujah Chorus and made chills come up my spine.

Weather is beautiful and tummy is full time for a big ole nap!

Tootle loo