Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I had a list of stuff to do today, I left it at home when I left the house. Oh well. I had a wonderful massage this morning at 9:00. I almost fell back asleep...

Hubs and I want to go on a small vacay in August. We love to go to Grand Lake, Colorado. Right west of Denver at the entrance to Rocky Mnt Natl Park. We found it about 20 yrs ago and have taken the boys and gone alone numerous times. Its an awesome place. It reminds me of Red River back when I was a little girl. Slow pace and beautiful.... Anywho we stay at the Lemmon Lodge or the Rapids. This bed is in a cabin at the Rapids. I need to make the reservation today!!!!!
I went to Target to get some body oil. You know Neutrogena Sesame oil... I left spending $154.00 I guess I got more than body oil. yikes.... the $$$ isle kills me! oh well...

Jo Ann's fabric had a sale on patterns for 99cents! yep that's right. I got 5 patterns and fabric... I need to make some dresses and shirts. I HATE TO CUT OUT FABRIC!!!! love to sew hate to cut!

I want to make some pillows out of burlap and linen. I will add some various stampings to the front. This is one I will make 1st.
Now I just need more time. Seems like I get the laundry done and house tidy and then its time t go do something else.... I need some time without something else.
I bought the last of the plants that need to go in the ground or planters this morning too. I need to get outside and tackle that before the day is over.
Off to get some stuff done... have a great spring day!

Tootle loo

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