Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my special place

I had to go to my special place in my mind today....

I had an appt to go the the 'new Dr.' for blood work... I dont handle blood work well. I pulled up my big girls panties, and went in for my 2:00 appt.
here is how it went:

2:00- waiting
2:30- waiting
2:45 waiting- is it usually this long I ask the receptionist- no he is going out of town and we overbooked.
3:00 waiting
3:30- waiting
now all these time after 2:30 I asked about the time issue. I was the only one waiting!
3:40- the dr. comes to get me... on the way he stops to tell an elderly patient " I have to meet with this patient, she will leave if I dont. I will be right there!
He then tells me those people had been there since 1:00.... then we go to his office and this is the conversation:

him- did you bring your blood work
me: no thats why i amd here
him: we dont do blood work after 2:30
me: I was here at 2:00
him: well you should have done it somewhere else!
me: you told me to do it at a lab or come here... I chose to come her.
him: really, we dont do blood work after 2:30.
me: its not my fault you were running late.
him: did you change you eating habits to discontinue gluten
me: no your said to wait.
him: oh
me: so I waited and made an appt for you to do that here.
him: well. you have to understand that I am a country type doctor and take a lot of time with each patient...
me: maybe you should schedule 1 hour between each patient... I am getting pissed!
him Did the steroid work?
me: yes, but I expected it to reduce the inflammation.
him: I went to a mtg this weekend about gluten and I think you have PMR, if you do you will go blind, if you dont take steroids for 2 yrs!
me: holy shit.... what
him: repeats himself
me: stunned
him: we will need to put you on a low dose steriod after you get you blood work.
me: still stunned and starting to tear up.
him: opens the door and tell the nurse to take my vitals and give me a new blood work sheet, that I need to take elsewhere to have done.
me: still standing there. but I go get my viatals and the nurse offers to do my blood work... she tell the Dr. she can do it... he yells at her that she has not idea what is needed and takes her to do something else!
me: still stunned, standing inthe hall and getting pissed off!
him: are you still here?
me : yes, I am waiting on my lab request...
him: you have it
me: I dont
him: yelling at the nurse to get it so I can get on with my day!
me: starting to really tear up... I get my papers and on the way out to the reception office, they ask me if I want another appt.
Me: Hell no I dont want another appt. I came here to get my labs done... its your fault you were running late... he tells me I am going blind ,without doing any testing or diagnosis... I am paraded in front of an elderly couple that has to wait cause he HAS to see me... and I get yelled at cause I didnt chance my diet to gluten free.
Nope I didnt not pay my copay... No I wont go back... No I dont have the symptoms of PMR... no I am not going blind....

I need my happy place...

Tootle loo

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