Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too much information

I went to the Dr. today. A new Dr. that specialized in fibromyalgia. Kind a a strange cookies but a very informative Dr.

Anyway... I do have fibromyalgia symptoms. I was diagnosed about 9 yrs ago. Being diagnose is ruling out all other syndromes and things! So that's what I have treated for that long.... going to Physical TX, Chiropractor, acupuncture, drugs, yoga, etc.

Where was I... oh yea, I went to the Dr today and he thinks I may have one of the following with or without fibromyalgia.
1. thyroid issues- seems my tongue is fat!
2. adrenal fatigue
3. gluten sensitivity
4. something I cant remember....

He gave me a list of lab test to have, need a bone density- had one 2 yrs ago... need another!
saliva test, poop test, ekg... holy moly!

Hubs went with me and we were both overwhelmed with information... I need to reduce my stresses- hahaha me??? also rest more- hahaha me? so keep me in your prayers that God will lead me where I need to be and the right testing will be done and the right diagnosis will be made.

Tootle loo

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