Saturday, October 25, 2008

The craft show that wasn't!

Ok, sit down with your cup of cider, I'll wait. Ok, now here we go.

I got to Norman with my friend Sheila and we found the Fairgrounds. We unloaded and walked into the consignment sale. NO HIGH END HERE! This was maybe a high end garage sale. I guess I was expecting it to be like the one at the Tulsa Just Between Friends . Nope. So, I get my booth ready and looking cute, see how cute it looks:

So, anyway, its 10:00 and a few ladies are coming in after they drop off their kids. A few more come, probably about 20 all day, maybe 30. They are looking for bargains and so not looking for my kind of jewelry. So, I sold 2 and though maybe this will pick up after lunch. NOPE I cold a few more to the Mary Kay ladies and the girls next to me , Then, that was it for the day. My cousin, who I never see came by and thats the only reason we stayed until 6pm. The event was over at 8 pm each night. So we went back to Moms, and drinks some yummo wine and enjoyed our little selves!

Fast forward to day 2. We stopped at Target and got a few new items: and cuuuute black dress for me to wear to a TU dinner for donors on Thursday for $19.00 ! Go fig. We then went back to the event and stayed until noon. During this time the Mary Kay lady gave me a facial and we laughed and joked for a while. We loaded up an d went to the OKC Affair of the Heart. GOOD GOSH, that is sooooo huge. It makes Tulsa's look pitiful. Its in 7, yes 7 buildings!!!! WE made every building and had a ball! We ate a yummy strawberry crepe, shopped bought some stuff and had so much fun. I met a lady from Wichita that makes the same jewelry. Hers is PERFECT! She gave me some pointers and her email. If I run up to Wichita she will teach me so interesting shortcuts. So, anyway we had fun and I made enough to pay for the booth rental. Whatever. So I will take the things I on hand and go to my moms church in OKC for their big show and that will be the end of shows.

I have always said I wouldnt do craft shows. They are so iffffffy. I love to make thing and want to keep it a hobby and do it when I want to. I dont like the people looking and being judgmental. Its just hurts my little feelings! Yes, it sure does. I think too, I dont rely on this for income money. SO I dont want it enough to spend as much time and energy to make tons of product....

Have a great weekend

tootle loo

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Friday, October 17, 2008

pumpkin poop and you have been boo'd

I am having a great Fall Break! yep, I am. I played on the computer till noon in my jammies drinkin coffee. I came across the cutest little things to do for Halloween. I went to the store and got alll the stuff to pull this off!This is the paper that will go in the boo basket with some goodies. You leave it on the porch and the person then puts a sign on their door and boo's 2 more people. Wont this be fun!

You put this sign on your door and then people know you have been boo'd! Its a secret, shhhhh.

The I found this little cute idea... you just add candy corn. Got that too. I also got stuff to make Witches Brew. You put a packet of cider, 1 twizzler, and gummie worms in a package and send it with a cute witch thing SOOOOO cute. I cant wait to get started.
I have a wedding tomorrow morning then TU FB in the evening. I hope to get my booing done in the morning..
hehehehehe shhhhhhh dont tell
tootle loo

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, how I love Fall Break!!!

Yes I do!!!!!
I just love to wake up leisurely and drink my coffee on the back porch and wear my jammies until 10:00 or longer and watch HGTV.
Yesterday was an errand day and boy did I get a lot finished.
Dentist- the TMJ one
Gap- a good sale on pants and t-shirts-- long sleeve ones, soooo soft!
grocery store
I went to the cuuuutest little Teacher Store in Owasso, I got a few books and a cute key chain. I wanted a bag with my initial on it, so cute, but I just decided I have 2000000 bags, no more for a while.
then last...
Bunco... I was a sub for a friend. you pay $10. and the winner gets $$$, guess who was the winner, moi! yep I had 3 bunco's.

pumpkin patch
decorate a bit with the pumpkins. I bought a corn stalk thingy at Reasors and crammed it in the Jeep. I had to sweep that poor thing out.
I got out all the fall/winter clothes a washed them and put them in the nice clean closet! I washed the down comforter too. I washed it in the Tyler Candle clothes wash stuff, heavenly!!!!

I finished 100 pieces of jewelry to take to Norman. I took pictures of them but the batteries are dead and I can't find new ones in this house. I even tried to rob them from another battery powered item. I am not sure about this venture. Its a consignment sale at Norman. There are only about 7 vendors and so I cant really call it a craft show. hmmmm, I may be hawkin my "stuff" on my blog! I really had fun making things and have lots of ideas for new stuff too. A teacher friend is going with me, we will have fun no matter what I sell. If you are in the Norman/ OKC area come see me Thur-Sat at the Norman Fairgrounds.
The Affair of the Heart is in OKC this weekend. I could just selll my stuff out of the back of the Jeep.... hahahaha

I made chili tonight and Lance and Laura came for chili, Frito's and pumpkin pie. yummo.

What else, Oh my computer has the big hugggge font. I cant get rid of it. I hate when it does that. Oh yea I got some really cute shoes this afternoon. They are sketchers, that crisscross. I was going to show you a pic, but I am too tired to look online for one, maybe tomorrow

I better get to bed and snuggle in my clean sheets and new pillows and clean down comforter,

toote loo

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am a WUS

Yes, lets face it... I am a wus.
Last week hubs decided we would go to the SMU/TU football game in Dallas. So , he said lets ride the "Golden Hurricane" bus. It will be great. No driving, no packing and unpacking.... so OK we did. The way down was a piece of cake. I snoozed and woke up to the midway between Tulsa and OKC. What the heck, seems they needed to changed drivers in Norman. Ok, grab the book and have another snooze. We arrived at SMU and had a great dinner at the tent and went to the game. Good game too!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I am rambling... We got on the bus to come home at 10:30 pm. A wreck on 75 N. so we got moving north toward Tulsa around 11:15. We tossed and rolled on each other trying to get comfortable. Not happening! Hubs could nto sleep because I was all over him. I couldnt not sleep either. We got home at 4:00 am. Both of us slept until 11ish. Got up, ate breakfast and fell asleep on the couch until 4:00 pm. Off to Red Robin and back home to bed. I am still tired.

Fall break is here.
We has parent/teacher conference last night and tonight, arggggghhhh I am glad its over.
TMJ dentist, nails, laundry, Sephora, and some general errands and finishh jewelry. What a great 5 day I will have.

Tootle loo

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dog days

You are so going to need to grab a chair for this post...
Moey went to the doggy beauty shop this afternoon for a little grooming. I'll be darn if that girls didnt get the full spa treatment. I took her to the Vet here in town as we have been banned from Pets Mart. You remember the whole shaving Moey episode in June? Anyway, back to the Vet, I took her in and I was filling out forms and looking at the Menu of services. I noticed things like toe nail polish, tooth brushing, flea wash, etc. Then I came across..... "blueberry facial", what is a dog getting a blueberry facial for???? For cryin out loud! So I asked what it was all about and they do give them a facial. It exfoliated her skin and leaves her smelling fresh and clean! So I asked if I could schedule one too? hahaha, You know a 2 for 1, only not on the dog! I left her and went to Tulsa. In the mean time,they call and we found out she needed a group of shots and a general checkup from the vet. So, hubs picks her up and brings her home. I got home later, read over the $88.00 bill and noticed a "no charge" for the facial. They did it complimentary! heaven to betsy! The dog has had a facial. Talk about pet pampering!!!! She also has a bows in her hair. Well, one bow, the other is in her bed.
Eastside Vet in Collinsville.... home of the pampered pooch! Blueberry facials
No, the bottom pic is not one of Moey.
I have misplaced all of my Cardinal T shirts. We wear them on Friday's at school with jeans. I cant find any of them. So I was a Hobby Lobby this afternoon and got a red t shirt and those stick on/iron on jewels... easy to iron, NOT, I have spent 1 hour trying to get those darn things on without peeling back off!!!!! I finally had to cut up different letters to make an N and an E.
I also made a TU one to wear to SMU game in Dallas this weekend. That didn't work out either!
On the way from Owasso to BAUMC for a wedding meeting, my tummy was growling and the Jeep turned right into that bakery behind Rons burgers... you know the one called D's Bakery I think. Anyway, I love, love their lemon bar. I had that and a diet DP on the way, then came home and gave hubs two choices of dinner. He didnt care for either of them, so we went to Jalapenos! yummo. I was full after half of my dinner, hint: lemon square, so I have lunch too!
Tomorrow is Thursday and the yippee Friday. I am finishing my jewelry and have to wait for my lead free solder to get here. Hobby Lobby's is not 100% lead free. So I will finish next week during Fall Break. We have parent/teacher conf on Mon/Tues night then off the rest of the week!!!! But after dentist and mammogram appts., I need to get out Fall clothes and do some Fall cleaning.
Have a great week, we are off to SMU for the TU/SMU game. GO TU
tootle loo

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday snippets

We had a great weekend! Son #1 came in from Tx in between traveling to cities. We went ot TU Homecoming and enjoyed the weekend with both boys and Laura. I taugh Laura how to make jewelry tonight. She made the cuuuuutest little necklace.

Yesterday was jammed packed with activities at TU. The weather was so perfect and TU beat Rice. yippee! We had so much fun with the boys, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. We had a yummy southern lunch today. Typical Sunday Lunch in Ok:
fried chicken, mashed potato, gravy, fried okra, salad, rolls, mac/cheese! SOOOOOO good!

So, answer these with one word...

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Where is your significant other? couch
3. Your hair color? blondish
4. Your mother? busy
5. Your father? heaven
6. Your favorite thing? rocking
7. Your dream last night? hmmm

.8. Your dream/goal? retire
9. The room you're in? office

10. Your hobby? creating

11. Your fear? disease
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? beach
13. Where were you last night? TU Homecoming
14. What you're not? athletic

.15. One of your wish-list items? beach house
16. Where you grew up? Okla.City
17. The last thing you did? eat
18. What are you wearing? shorts
19. Your TV? big
20. Your pet? granddog Sheltie
21. Your computer? laptop
22. Your mood? changes

.23. Missing someone? boys
24. Your car? Jeep
25. Something you're not wearing? jewelry
26. Favorite store? TJ Maxx
27. Your summer? weird

.28. Love someone? Hubs
29. Your favorite color? pink
30. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday
31. Last time you cried? today

Whee, thats hard to do with one word.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday ponderings

Where did this week go??? It seems like just yesterday it was Sunday. now its already Thursday. Those days are whizzing right by. I guess its true, the older you get the faster time goes.

Hubs has been busy at TU this week with homecoming activities. He is watching over the bonfire tonight, actually lighting the fire. He is one tired guy this week. He has to be there to do most of the extra activities. So he drags in late, goes to bed and leaves before the sun comes up!!!
Anyway, the bonfire was tonight and being the loving wife I am ... I didn't go. I had so many thing to do and I get so sleepy sometimes driving home by myself.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins tonight. thanks for the recipe for Tuesday Update. They are yummy. I had 3, yes 3 for dinner! Hmm very nutritious. I got the houses tidied up and the Fall stuff out. Son #1 will fly in Friday night. I wanted to get our laundry finished so we could get his done, before he flies out to San Antonio. Whew!

Tomorrow is also homecoming at Cville, so we have early dismissal... yippee! Then I have a massage!

Oh, I have a 'provisional tax id' from the State of Ok. I had a note on the door today that someone from the Tax Comm., came by to do an inspection. I guess to see if I really had a business. Well take one look in the craft room and you will see the mess. I am trying to get stuff made for the show in Norman! I also need to get Isabelle properly dressed for her unveiling. She is beautiful! Lace, tulle, beads and very thin! hahaha She's is my french mannequin! Love that girl, she just looks so cute and loves everything I put on her. She never whines and is always my friend. My shirts and my sign cam in this week. When I have a minute, I will take a pic of them.

Better get my meds and off to bed.

Oh, I painted my toe nails for TU homecoming..... gold with blue polka dots. hehehehehe.

tootle loo ya'll

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