Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dog days

You are so going to need to grab a chair for this post...
Moey went to the doggy beauty shop this afternoon for a little grooming. I'll be darn if that girls didnt get the full spa treatment. I took her to the Vet here in town as we have been banned from Pets Mart. You remember the whole shaving Moey episode in June? Anyway, back to the Vet, I took her in and I was filling out forms and looking at the Menu of services. I noticed things like toe nail polish, tooth brushing, flea wash, etc. Then I came across..... "blueberry facial", what is a dog getting a blueberry facial for???? For cryin out loud! So I asked what it was all about and they do give them a facial. It exfoliated her skin and leaves her smelling fresh and clean! So I asked if I could schedule one too? hahaha, You know a 2 for 1, only not on the dog! I left her and went to Tulsa. In the mean time,they call and we found out she needed a group of shots and a general checkup from the vet. So, hubs picks her up and brings her home. I got home later, read over the $88.00 bill and noticed a "no charge" for the facial. They did it complimentary! heaven to betsy! The dog has had a facial. Talk about pet pampering!!!! She also has a bows in her hair. Well, one bow, the other is in her bed.
Eastside Vet in Collinsville.... home of the pampered pooch! Blueberry facials
No, the bottom pic is not one of Moey.
I have misplaced all of my Cardinal T shirts. We wear them on Friday's at school with jeans. I cant find any of them. So I was a Hobby Lobby this afternoon and got a red t shirt and those stick on/iron on jewels... easy to iron, NOT, I have spent 1 hour trying to get those darn things on without peeling back off!!!!! I finally had to cut up different letters to make an N and an E.
I also made a TU one to wear to SMU game in Dallas this weekend. That didn't work out either!
On the way from Owasso to BAUMC for a wedding meeting, my tummy was growling and the Jeep turned right into that bakery behind Rons burgers... you know the one called D's Bakery I think. Anyway, I love, love their lemon bar. I had that and a diet DP on the way, then came home and gave hubs two choices of dinner. He didnt care for either of them, so we went to Jalapenos! yummo. I was full after half of my dinner, hint: lemon square, so I have lunch too!
Tomorrow is Thursday and the yippee Friday. I am finishing my jewelry and have to wait for my lead free solder to get here. Hobby Lobby's is not 100% lead free. So I will finish next week during Fall Break. We have parent/teacher conf on Mon/Tues night then off the rest of the week!!!! But after dentist and mammogram appts., I need to get out Fall clothes and do some Fall cleaning.
Have a great week, we are off to SMU for the TU/SMU game. GO TU
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tommie said...

Sounds like a great vet! It would definitely make me want to go back.

I was looking for a pet place that could get Josie in for just a bath and nail clipping. I found a place here called "Pawsh Pet Salon". I must have called at the right time because they got her in the very next day. There was a cancellation....normally there is a six week wait! FOR DOGS!

BellaColle' said...

looks like your puppy had a wonderful time...
what will they think of next?!
Hope you have a wonderful week.