Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday ponderings

Where did this week go??? It seems like just yesterday it was Sunday. now its already Thursday. Those days are whizzing right by. I guess its true, the older you get the faster time goes.

Hubs has been busy at TU this week with homecoming activities. He is watching over the bonfire tonight, actually lighting the fire. He is one tired guy this week. He has to be there to do most of the extra activities. So he drags in late, goes to bed and leaves before the sun comes up!!!
Anyway, the bonfire was tonight and being the loving wife I am ... I didn't go. I had so many thing to do and I get so sleepy sometimes driving home by myself.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins tonight. thanks for the recipe for Tuesday Update. They are yummy. I had 3, yes 3 for dinner! Hmm very nutritious. I got the houses tidied up and the Fall stuff out. Son #1 will fly in Friday night. I wanted to get our laundry finished so we could get his done, before he flies out to San Antonio. Whew!

Tomorrow is also homecoming at Cville, so we have early dismissal... yippee! Then I have a massage!

Oh, I have a 'provisional tax id' from the State of Ok. I had a note on the door today that someone from the Tax Comm., came by to do an inspection. I guess to see if I really had a business. Well take one look in the craft room and you will see the mess. I am trying to get stuff made for the show in Norman! I also need to get Isabelle properly dressed for her unveiling. She is beautiful! Lace, tulle, beads and very thin! hahaha She's is my french mannequin! Love that girl, she just looks so cute and loves everything I put on her. She never whines and is always my friend. My shirts and my sign cam in this week. When I have a minute, I will take a pic of them.

Better get my meds and off to bed.

Oh, I painted my toe nails for TU homecoming..... gold with blue polka dots. hehehehehe.

tootle loo ya'll

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tommie said...

I love those muffins. They freeze well too!

I hope your show goes well.

Happy weekend!