Saturday, October 25, 2008

The craft show that wasn't!

Ok, sit down with your cup of cider, I'll wait. Ok, now here we go.

I got to Norman with my friend Sheila and we found the Fairgrounds. We unloaded and walked into the consignment sale. NO HIGH END HERE! This was maybe a high end garage sale. I guess I was expecting it to be like the one at the Tulsa Just Between Friends . Nope. So, I get my booth ready and looking cute, see how cute it looks:

So, anyway, its 10:00 and a few ladies are coming in after they drop off their kids. A few more come, probably about 20 all day, maybe 30. They are looking for bargains and so not looking for my kind of jewelry. So, I sold 2 and though maybe this will pick up after lunch. NOPE I cold a few more to the Mary Kay ladies and the girls next to me , Then, that was it for the day. My cousin, who I never see came by and thats the only reason we stayed until 6pm. The event was over at 8 pm each night. So we went back to Moms, and drinks some yummo wine and enjoyed our little selves!

Fast forward to day 2. We stopped at Target and got a few new items: and cuuuute black dress for me to wear to a TU dinner for donors on Thursday for $19.00 ! Go fig. We then went back to the event and stayed until noon. During this time the Mary Kay lady gave me a facial and we laughed and joked for a while. We loaded up an d went to the OKC Affair of the Heart. GOOD GOSH, that is sooooo huge. It makes Tulsa's look pitiful. Its in 7, yes 7 buildings!!!! WE made every building and had a ball! We ate a yummy strawberry crepe, shopped bought some stuff and had so much fun. I met a lady from Wichita that makes the same jewelry. Hers is PERFECT! She gave me some pointers and her email. If I run up to Wichita she will teach me so interesting shortcuts. So, anyway we had fun and I made enough to pay for the booth rental. Whatever. So I will take the things I on hand and go to my moms church in OKC for their big show and that will be the end of shows.

I have always said I wouldnt do craft shows. They are so iffffffy. I love to make thing and want to keep it a hobby and do it when I want to. I dont like the people looking and being judgmental. Its just hurts my little feelings! Yes, it sure does. I think too, I dont rely on this for income money. SO I dont want it enough to spend as much time and energy to make tons of product....

Have a great weekend

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