Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alive and Kickin

No, momma I am not sick and the computer is not dead... We have been gone every night and every Saturday. I have spent Sunday cleaning and doing laundry, etc. BUT, I have a housekeeper coming on Monday. YIPPEE! I am so glad. She will deep clean once a month!

I am off again this weekend to OKC to do a craft show at mom's church...Church of the Servant- OKC. Come on out if you live in the area. Mention my blog and I will give you 15% off.

The weather has finally turned cool. I love the chilly nights and the cuddle weather in my flannel jammies and chenille bathrobe. hmmmm so cozy.

I got my Smart Board installed at school today. It is way cool ! I am going to have fun with it tomorrow morning. I have spentabout 30 minutes with it today.

Moey the grand dog went to the vet on Wednesday. This trip was a mere $ 192.00!! Yes, that's right $192! holy crap, where is the copay? i about crapped out. She has a staff infection. The vet said she was pale. how can a black and white dog be pale?????? I think her gums were not a rosy pink and her nose was warm. So after 1 shot for the infection, 10 days of antibiotic, 6 mos of flea/heart worm pills and another 2 times per week for 4 week pills, 1 blood test, we got to come home. I can think of a lot of stuff to purchase for $192.00. Good gosh. She had to have a "nerve pill" last night during the storm. I held her for 2 hours and then I was so sleepy. She wouldn't calm down,so I gave her knock out pill and put her in her bed. Geeezzzzeee the life of that pooch!

Guess that's about all the update. Oh yea, the tickets are on sale for the annual Oprah type give away at Battle Creek Church in Broken Arrow, I went last year and we had so much fun and go some wonderful give aways. If you are in the area look it up on the web. Its a good girls night out,

Better get to bed, tomorrow is work at school. massage at 4, pack and go to OKC, Craft show on Sat, come home and Church on Sunday.... back to the same cycle.......

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