Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brrrrr / Moey

Brrrrr, Mr. Winter has come to Okla. Its misty and cold out today. Well probably not as cold as some of you that live in the north, but for me, puttin on gloves and a coat is cold.

We went to Church this morning and then to see son #2's office! I am sooooooo proud of that boy. He works for a gas exploration company in Tulsa, and does something with the disbursement/% of what people receive $$$ from their land. ????? I think. Then we saw L's office too. Its a few floors away from son #2's in the BOK Tower. Then off to our fav place to eat..... Hideway Pizza. I had pizza of the Gods. yummmmmmmy.

This afternoon was quite lazy until I decided Moey needed a bath. She smelled! Now she smells like lavender and had her toes painted red and for the pic, I put a boy in her hair. Son #1 will crap , when he sees her. she is becoming a very high maintenance dog. She will of course go to the groomer before Christmas, but this is only until them. Can you see her red toes... Its fiesta red!
Back to work tomorrow. It will be busy for the next 3 weeks. Christmas unit, Gingerbread unit and I'm not sure what we will do the last week. Maybe Polar Express.
I needed to go up today and work, but I will get up in the morning and go and stay after tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, I almost forgot.... I will put my Christmas jewelry on tomorrow. It will be 1/2 off sale. I also have some necklaces too! I will send those out ASAP, since they are already made. Get out you checkbooks and get ready to write!!!!
Tootle loo,

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