Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oh my, where do I begin to ring in this holiday season. I am cooking for our family tomorrow and making a red velvet cheesecake today. Turkey/ham and all the stuff tomorrow. I have a turkey thats white meat only!!! yippee, the ham is from the Hamlet, so yummo!

Then I need for hubs and son to get down the tree, and "stuff". We are having Christmas in OKC with the whole fam damily, but I am having some functions here and need to do some decorating. hmmmmmm., I would love to do everything in silver and red this year. Maybe the dollar store has some cheap stuff!!!!

My mom is not one to always put up the tree, I know exactly what you are thinking, NO TREE. Well I am coming so it better be up... MOM! What would Christmas be without the decorations up MOM! We wont have any little ones around except for my cousins little boys. I miss those sleepy little eyes getting up at Christmas and running to the tree to see what Santa brought. I dont think my boys 24 and 26 yrs and my niece and nephew, 24 and 28yrs will be running in to find what Santa brought. WE NEED SOME BABIES. But only 1 is married and I would just rather that we all go the route of marriage before children. That seems to be a though of the past, you know the marriage before children thingy. Guess I am just old fashion, I like that scenario best.

I need to go to some laundry, tidy up the house, run to Hamlet, Target and maybe the $ store.

Have a good day. Stay warm and cook away. I just heard that the avg American will need to RUN 20 miles to burn off the calories we ingest on Thanksgiving alone. Well that wont happen here, I have issues with running and my bladder. oh, my how ever will I get this all done.

Go pokes, beat those sooners........ I dreamin or a white Christmas too!

tootle loo!

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tommie said...

two words....boomer Sooner!

or Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol said...

Hi Penny!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's good to see a fellow blogger cheering for OSU!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!