Friday, November 14, 2008

I have made myself sick

I bought popcorn from a boy in our neighborhood. I am the only one that eats it. So, I told hubs to take it to work for the 'guys' to eat. Well, its still here and I have eaten almost all of the caramel type. I have chowed right down and am sick to my stomach. I have to go put it in his truck to hide it.

Tomorrow is SATURDAY... yippee. It was a long week. We are off to a TU BB game. Yep, its that season again. I think we will overlap with football a few weeks. But, there is also a 'free trade' craft show in Tulsa tomorrow that I want to go to before the BB game. We are also going to Atwoods to buy a generator... just in case we are without electricity for 11 days again this winter. NOT AGAIN IN THIS HOUSE. The generator may be my Christmas gift. hahahah

have a blessed weekend

tootle loo

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tommie said...

I recognize that boy scout popcorn!

Hope your belly still isn't hurting.

BellaColle' said...

I know..I know..I can't ever tell those guys no..I think we still have some of popcorn left over from last year..yikes! lol
hope you feel better!
hey..tell me about it..flux and cuts..I just flung an itsy bit of solder on my arm the other day.. nice little blister healing....
anywho..Happy Tuesday!
p.s. Your blog looks lovely! very festive.