Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh my heavenly days

I decided to update my blog for the holiday. Now we all know I am not really very literate at blog thingys. I was not raised in the computer world and have just stepped out and jumped in myself since the boys are gone. So, I went to a site, downloaded and did all the "stuff". I lost my little sidebars things! So I have been putting them back up as I can find them. I am sure there are faster and easier ways to do this.

But... what do you think about the new look??? Oh, dont look really close at the header until I figure out how to center the words and picture. I am sure its simple, but I dont know how yet.

Today was a beautiful day her in Cville. I had a funeral this morning. A dear friend of the family was 81 and lived a wonderful life. I will miss Doris very much. She ws very helpful to me when I first married and moved to Cville 29 yrs ago, She kept me sane in the this small town. She guided me through some obstacles! I will miss you Doris Schultheiss! I will see you soon in heaven.

Tomorrow is my appt with the surgeon at TLC. I am so iffy on the whole enhancement thing. It wont cost anything, but you only get one pair of eyes. More about that tomorrow.

I have a couple of orders to get out as soon as my finger gets better. Cuts and flux don't mix.

Have a great day

tootle loo...

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Little Town Big Life said...

LOVE THE LOOK !!!! And, of course, you know I want to know how to do that!!!

Be careful with your eyes! It's hard to make jewelry blind!!!!

Love ya!