Friday, November 21, 2008

Thunderstorm are in my brain....

No its not a self portrait, but this is how I feel.................................
This had been a very LONG WEEK at school. Everything that could go wrong has. I know in my head , (if the thunderstorms go away), that next week will be better. Well, we only have 2 days. Monday is Stone Soup day and Tuesday is Thanksgiving prep day and decorate for Christmas.

I woke up with a sinus headache and it only got worse throughout the day. I had toast for breakfast and a Diet DP for lunch so having zip zap no food didn't help. I chowed down on a big fat burger at Red Robin this evening, then off the Hobby Lobby, my supplier for some items.

Tomorrow is the last TU football game. I hope I feel better!!!! I will definitely bundle up.

Thanksgiving will be quiet here. I went to order a ham and turkey from Hamlet today and hubs brought home a flyer about Gilcrease Restaurant Buffet for thanksgiving. Its only $20 per person and much cheaper than me cooking. BUT son #2 is really counting on lunch at home and lounging in sloppy clothes while watching football and sleeping on the couch.. son #1 is working on Wed and again on Fri., so he will stay in Tx with some friends.. waa, waa, waa. But I certainly dont want him driving late on Wed and turning around and leaving again on Thurs afternoon. But this momma will MISS MY BOY!!! Love em you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its late and I am soooooooooooooooooo tired. I just want to crawl in a hole and suck my thumb, but I will settle for a bed with a down comforter and my fluffy pillow and 1 muscle relaxer. Yep that sound like a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tootle loo,

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Anonymous said...

Pen, Who is the chic in the picture? She really needs a dentist!