Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Night Happenings....

OK, not much going on here, so here goes a tag from Tuesday Update:
1) You must post the rules on your post before you answer the questions.
2) You need to list one fact about yourself using each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name use your maiden name instead.
3) When you are finished with your answers, you tag one person for each letter of your name.
My middle name is LONG!

K- kooky- well most of the time that's about right.
A-amusing- I am always amusing someone or myself.
T-talkative- all my life I have just loved to visit and talk.
H-healthy- I try to eat healthy, I take my vitamins and drink my juice.
L-loving- I try to be loving until you really piss me off, then I just pretend you don't exist!
E-everywhere- I love to go everywhere!
E-evenings- I do best in the evenings, I am just an evening person.
N-no - That is a word I am learning to say. I am a people pleaser and I dont want anyone upset with me. But as I get older I am learning to say 'eat sh**' with a smile on my face. Well maybe I have been that way for a long time, hmmm ,
hmmm I wonder what my family would write for each initial of my middle name... if they even read my blog anymore... we will see.

Now I tag --Little Town Big Life

I made 13 pieces of jewelry today in between sleeping off my Sudafed. Hubs will drop them off at TU tomorrow. I am selling them at the BB game with the Women of the Golden Hurricane Club. Son #1 wrote up our partnership agreement. Its funny, we are a partnership, so the boys can write it of their taxes. They do love me don't they! Son #1 put some clause in there about if one of the partners goes insane, that person is kicked out. But hey there is no business with MOI!!!!!

My throat is getting sore again. I think a hot toddy, my new Cottage Living magazine and bed will be just right for now.

tootle loo.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Stuff

Lets see, Jammies by 4:00, Sudafed by 4:15, snoozing by 5:00. Yep I just woke up at 8:45. I made lesson plans today for tomorrow and the sub is coming in. My ears ache, sore throat, and aching body! I am tired of grading papers with 'body fluids' on them!
Parent, please don't send you kids to school if they have a temp. They cannot keep from sharing it with the entire classroom.
My school is dropping like flies! Kids, teacher and TA's all sick. Hopefully over the weekend we will get back to normal. ha ha me normal!

Well, any who I have an order to get out for TU, so between sleeping and sneezing, I can solder!

I went to Skiatook yesterday to look at 'smart boards' yep they are smart and really expensive. So on the way back to Cville, we were discussing funding options. My idea is to make a calendar, like 'Calendar Girls", I will be Mrs. December and hold miniature Christmas Trees. We could sell them for $10.00 Anywho the 'big boss' though it was hilarious, but hell no! I though it would be fantastic. Each teacher could have a month and hold 2 items of the month. On to more thinking. I even offered to go to the School Board and tell them our idea. Of course, in a small town you know everyone on the board and they know me! No surprises there. I think its connected to that moral turpitude thingy I sign every year. But really what else are we going to do. I don't see $500,000.00 laying around anywhere!

Not much else happening here. Every time I think spring is around the corner, bam its coming right back. I just want nice weather, lemonade and the porch swing, a magazine too! But no, its going to be cold some more!!!!

Oh kuddos to Tyler Candles... yep a big ole huuuuge box was at the door. I got a melting pot, 1 entire box of 30 packages of melts, room spray, fabric wash, and a new candle. I really just intended to have them check the fragrance for a malfunction. Oh well, the house well smell sooooooo wonderful.
Those of you that don't know I was burning a 2 wick candle and it caught on fire! yep, my hubs worse nightmare! He is not really up to par on the whole activity anyway. but Tyler Candles sent me a big ol huuuuuuge box of product.

My laptop is going to TU with hubs tomorrow. He had a guy that works for him, that is evidently smarter than we are about computers. He is from Japan/China/ Korea one of those countries and know all about computers. Hubs will pay him $100. hmmmm better than the Geek Squad.

Better go, Its time for more Sudafed.

tootle loo

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Melancholy Monday... oops its Tuesday

I have the sinffles and the sads. I think Im tired and irritated! Whew all in one day. Have you ever lost your mojo? I think mine is gone. I just cant get things right here. I screwed up the laptop, took it to Geek Squad, they want $200 just to clean it up, $99 to back up the files and $150 to load a new anit everything, then $150 to come to the house and set everything up to make sure we are up and running.....
Hubs crapped out and I had to go back and get the computer from the Geek squad. I hadnt paid for it, because it was around $500 and I didnt have the checkbook or Credit Cards with me. I have been leaving them at home, so I dont use them!!!!!
Well, I told them I needed to copy the files myself and brought it home, so its still dead and hubs is pouting about my inability to know what and when to look at stuff. Then the mouse on the big computer is like a humming bird on crack! Its running around the screen like a crazy person.

Its just a crappy evening! Son#1 sent me a file to look at and I cant get it to open.
I am just going to bed and deal with it tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett and 'tomorrow is another day'!

tootle loo

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Snippets

Good Sunday to you.
I am having to use the 'big' computer. My little laptop has a bug. Well it that one I got from looking at a site that said ...look here. Duh, I thought that it was some cool jewelry! I alsohave something on there that says bonjor. I thought I got that when I tried to log on in the Paris Airport. Son #2 and Hubs said have the crud! So its going in to see the Geek Squad tomorrow afternoon!

Anyway, Saturday wedding was easy and I meet with the cutest little bride for a wedding next January. whee thats a long time to plan!
I did my planning in 1 day. Its was one of those one stop shops! Plus a reception back then was punch and cake! So much has changed. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden. After that we went to Aldi! What an experience! Heavens. They dont take debit cards, you pay 25cent for a basket and you have to pay for sacks. That was a one time thingy.
But I did get a ham there and we had it for lunch.

Thats its, I am off to the craft room to craft. I need to make some inventory.
I have decided to have Amber do my website and business cards. I am sure they will look sooooo much better than mine!
I hope to be up and running by the end of March. Yep I do.

See ya

tootle loo,

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh I am sooooo proud of my little self

With the guidance from a blogger friend Amber @ Shabbee Chick, I have purchased my domain! Yep I did that all by my little self! It was easy so far. I am now in the progress of making a web page. But before I publish it . I will need a little help. Oh and products too. I have to get busy and I hope to have the site up and running by the middle of March. Yep, I am so prooooooud of my little self, I am ,I am!
My new name will be ready in 72 hours.... yep its....... drum roll please.... hold on to your panties..... here we go...

queeniep... designing diva
the dot com will be :
how cuuuuute is this going to be? I have set up two email already. one for me and one for son #1. oh boy this will be fun. I need to make some business cards too.

Wedding rehearsal tonight, wedding tomorrow with Pam. She is the bestest caterer over a Little town big life. Yummo-- I can taste that cake right this minute. I believe it will be white with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. I'm likin some butter cream.

OK, the kids in my class are making me CRAZY! I dont what is going on, they are acting like little brats! Come Monday they are going to have to settle down.

Oh, what is the crap i keep getting on my cute little blog. Its a site that downloads an antivirus! How do I get this crap out of there! I guess I need to moderate my comments! What a pain.

Gotta go... laundry calling

tootle loo,

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Thursday y'all!

Son #1 and I are working on the biz! I took the TU jewerly last night. They kept it all and we are working on a price. Son #2's girlfriend has a contact for a store that wants to buy my stuff... yippee skippee.
Now we need to come up with a web design and then get that set up. Im think and the thunderstorms are rumblin! But look over on the left at somethin I whipped up tonight! I am just amazin my ole self, I sure am!

The weather was to iffy to go to OKC/Norman. My sister could not get out of Ozark. I have a wedding rehearsal Fri night. I surely didnt want to get stuck in OKC. So we are home by the fire.

I cooked the yuuuuummmmmmiest supper.

melt 1/2 stick of butter- yep the real stuff

crunch up some potato chips

roll some chicken breast, boneless in the butter. Go ahead and get it all over that piece of chicken! lots of butter.

Then roll it around in the smashed up chips! Then smush them in the chips somemore!

salt, pepper, a little chili powder and bake those babies for 45 minutes at 350. uhmmmmmm soooo good! I even scrapped the dripping out of the baking dish.

We topped it off with a nice fruit salad. I had to have something healthy with the load of fat I served up.

Better skaddle I need to do laundry, dishes, order some more glass stuff and get ready for school tomorrow.

tootle loo,

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I made these tonight, I will take them to the game to sell . $10.00 or $15.00

What do you think???

Son #1 and #2 are working on my business and marketing me! Gee, what will we call my business?????

Oh, I am almost at 200th post. That will call for some jewerly give aways.

leave a comment and I will put you right in for a big fat give away. I will make you a University necklace of your choice. EVEN OU!
tootle loo

Happy Tuesday y'all

What a difference a class of 13! makes. The flu has hit our school and I had 13 kids today. We sailed right through everything! Zip, zip, zip. Calm, cool collected.
Son #1 is setting my business up tonight. I must have talked to him 20 times! Gotta love those boys of mine. I make glass collage necklaces. I have been making them for friends and selling them at school. Anywho, son wants me to whip these out for a business. As long as he does the thinkin', I am good to go!

The stupid insurance company wants documentation that I got sick in Ukraine! I need to have a receipt. Yea like I saved those when I bought imodium! sure thingo. I did find a receipt, its written inUkrainian. Hope they can read it. I cant! hahah So, I will FAX them that tomorrow.

On a sad note, my Aunt Polly passed away last night. I got a call from my mom at school today. I knew something was up when she calls at school. Auntie was a hoot. She must have smoked 20 cigs a day. She even smoked when she was hooked up to the oxygen... She was funny though, we always had 'a little somethin sweet' at her house. I loved to go there and play with my cousins. My family on that side is small. Just my sister and my 2 cousins. So, sister and i will go OKC/Norman on Thursday and Friday . I have a rehearsal at 5:30 Friday night, so we have to be back by then.

Better get to soldering....

tootle loo

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Insurance Companies are a pain in the a$$

Yep, they sure are!!!!!

Ok, your know the clamitity after my mission trip to Ukraine. Long story short, I got diarrhea, like to the max. Anyway I have been arguing with the Mission Trip Insurance Co., they say they are a "Follow you Home" insurance coverage. Well, the 'craps" followed me right home and into the hospital! They dont want to pay my deductible because I didnt go to the hospital in Ukraine!!! Hello, would they have gone to the hospital in Ukraine. Even out host suggested I go home first! Well, WE ARE NOT FINISHED! I will continue to haunt them until they pay! I hope they dont block my emails.... I have ways , Its war now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They sure collected the money from us!!!!

Now, finally my school got our website up and running. So I did my website today its sooooo cuuuuute! You can see it at just go to Wilson's site, then to staff and all the way down to my name PSheehan. click and go see me.

Its the cutest one on the whole district! yep it sure is.

no, I have not found my ring. But I did tell hubs. He said in his laid back way' I'm sure it will turn up, its just misplaced'. Maybe he will get me another bigger on later???

I was so hungry for broccoli cheese soup today. I made a big crock of it and have it dished up into 5 cups to take to fellow teachers tomorrow. It had beer, velvetta, chicken broth, spices, and broccoli, yummo!

thats it for today, hubs will be home later, I am already in my pj's. I had PEO tonight. I had too much to do. My TA at school has a birthday, I have a cake to make and party to prepare, you know how I love parties!!!!!! pics to follow.

tootle loo,

PS- hope no one out in bloggerville works for an insurance company!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Houston... we have a problem

Yep, I got a ruby and daimond ring for my 10th anniversary! CANT FIND IT!!!!

I have never, never, never lost a piece of jewerly. The last time I wore it I think was at a wedding. So, Im hoping I lost it at Church. I will check tomorrow! Oh my gosh, I have not told hubs yet. I have looked in all my bags and purses. No ring. Maybe I left it as Son #1's at Christmas.., maybe not?? I dont know...........
do you pray for a lost ring??????
tootle loo,

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Friday, February 15, 2008


You are not going to believe this. I love, love, love candles. Just 2 minutes ago, I am loaded up the ipod... I smell something like burning! Yep my Tyler Candle was on fire. It sits in a crock on an ottoman. I look up and flames about 6-8 inches high are flying up in the air. THANK GOD HUBS WAS ASLEEP. He hates candles for just that reason! I threw the lid on it and grabbed a towel from the pile of laundry on the couch! I put the crock on the fireplace and about crapped in my panties!!!!!!

I will be email Tyler Candles tonight!!!!! Be careful, the blow up!

tootle loo

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Friday funnies

Valentines Day dinner at Logan's compliments of 2 of my sweet kids at school. yummo. I had 1 glass of wine or maybe 2, salmon, baked sweet potato, and salad. Hubs had steak .No dessert!
Then, the cupboards were bare in the ole household... The pantry was empty and so hubs and I went to get groceries...
Tonight this is what is happening here! A nice fire, homemade chimichanga's, glass of wine and some movies after 'Celine' on TV.
I ran errands today on my 'day off'. Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Target, pedi/mani., then home.
We got both of our vehicles in the garage. That is a feat many thought impossible! Me too. Anyway we have 1 remote and I have to get up an close the door for hubs. So, I got him a new remote. It doesnt work with our antique garage door opener! whaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
Back to Lowes tomorrow! But I did absouletly NO Frivilious spending!
Tootle loo

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Nothings

Tuesday night nothings....

I set up my class blog... now all my comments are being signed as mrs.sheehan. Good gosh, how did that happen. Its always been 'queeniep'. Make me crazy, crazy, crazy! I downloaded pics on my computer at school and I cant get the blog to upload/download whatever!!!!! CRAZY.

So anywho, I love this book... Fancy Nancy. I am this kind of girl. She has a plain room at home and wants to fancy it right up. So she decs it out somethin awful, really its cuuuute. She gets her whole family to fancy right up too. They dont have as much fun as she does, but they do it. Sound like my whole fam... they just do it to make me happy. Because you know the old saying: If momma isnt happy, nobodys happy. If daddy isnt happy nobody cares. Yep pretty much!

We did glitter today. Why I ask you, why do I do this! Because they-the kids love glitter. I love glitter too, but not in hair, on the floor, glued to the table and dripping of hanging hearts from the ceiling into my hair... no, they are not neat about their glitter, not at all. I told them the glitter rules. Easy on the glue- one skinny line or one dot, DONT GLOB! Well, I have 8-10 globber in my classroom! Good gosh, they got glue in the glitter bottle! They are certainly not glitter kids. Anyway thats all the glitter for this group! I hate globber glitterers!

Oh, yea I got my mouthguard, not I dont play football. Its TMJ, anyway I got it rebuilt... i grind a lot! The guard is built up in the back and it rubbed a sore under my tongue! Then, I REALLY need groceries, but I have worked from a$$ crack to dark the past 2 days and have not had time to go to getgroceries! Where was I... oh I only found tomatoes and and orange for lunch. Not too good if you have a sore under your tongue!!!!

I cooked my oatmeal-you know the yummy steel cut ones, again last night while I slept! Yummy in my tummy this am! Put some butter and a tab bit of syrup and rasins and eat it right up.

Lets see, thats about it for tonight! I hope hubs doesnt read this post. I pay the bills online and forgot to pay them last night,oops 'late fee'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hates that with a passion. WE ARE NOT LATE! whatever.

Have a warm night

tootle loo,

Dont forget 2 days till Valentines Day. Hmmm, I wonder what hubs will get me at the TU bookstore. Its his favorite place to get a fast quick gift! Got to love'm

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

School site

Yep 2 post in one night.
I am tired or waiting for the IT guy to get out website setup... Anywho I made the one for my class:
Its pretty darn cute if, I say so myself:

tootle loo

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Cookie Central

My boys really like sugar cookies... and we all know they are 'spoiled'. So I made 8-9 dozen, I quit counting... These are the yukky one. I mailed 6 dozen to son#1 in Frisco. Well actually to his office- (the fedX man thought I was crazy for mailing cookies). They will be gone in a flash. Son #2's are in the freezer. I took them with us to Tulsa to the BB game to give to him. I took them to Church this morning to give to him. Finally ,I put them in the freezer!
Son #2 has an interview tomorrow , keep your fingers crossed!

Parent/Teacher conferences are tomorrow and Tuesday night. Yippee skippee. Its not bad, I just always want to have my 'ducks in a row' before each meeting. They are scheduled one after the other every 15 min.

The weather is calling for rain, sleet, snow and thunder. Hmmm, I wonder which one.

Tootle loo,

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Friday, February 8, 2008

I did it! Yep, I sure did!

Okey Dokey family and friend... I bought this little kit from Heather Ann at Anywho, I got it downloaded and didnt know where it was or how to get it to photoshop. After 3 hours of thinkin...yep on Friday night, I got them there. Now what shall I do.I have to figure out what to do with these kits when I get them.

Son #1 got the position he was hoping for! He will be a 'traveling stockbroker' with his firm. He will get paid to travel across the US and be the branch manager for short amounts of time. Whats better, he gets paid a bundle for traveling, plus per diem! This is so wonderful for him. Im so excited that he has this opportunity. 'Moey' gets to come live with us while he spend the next couple of years traveling. So, we need to get the new fence up! When he finds or decides where he would like to live in the US, he can just do that! He has been through a lot in the past few months and this is such a blessing for him. He will be based out of Dallas/Plano. When he isnt traveling he will work at the office. Thanks be to God for answered prayers!

Son #2 is looking and interviewing for a job! He has a degree from Univ of Tulsa in marketing/business admin. I know that God has that perfect job waiting for him. We just need to keep praying without ceasing that he finds the right position.

I am making sugar cookies to send off to son #1 this weekend. I made them and they are in the fridge, but they taste like there is a bit too much salt. I always use salted butter,and it called for 1t of salt. hmmmm I guess I will add a bit more sugar in the am. I need to get those in the mail on Monday! Them make a batch for son #2.

Off to bed to watch 'what not to wear'... I love to watch those shows. My niece and I think we are fashion police...

tootle loo,

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

MMMMMM good!

I cant wait for breakfast... I bought some steel cut oatmeal this afternoon after I went to the TMJ dentist. I am going to put it in the crockpot and have it ready in the morning. hmmmmm hope its yummy.
#2 son was here when I got home and he and hubs had decided to go eat burger at our fav burger place in town... no cooking for me yippee.
I did good at Target today. No frivalous spending. Thats reallllllllly hard at Target. Especially at the $1.00 aisle! But I did it.
Off to bed early, last night I felt like a vise was squeezing my hips all night long! Im taking my Zanaflex and sleepin good tonight!
tootle loo

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday wisdom

Ok digital friends...

Hubs bought me photoshop for Christmas. I have downloaded some paper and I dont know how to make it go in the photoshop?? I need a tutorial! Yep I do.
So, someone help me!!!!

Its been a while since I blogged... not much happening around here worth blogging. I had some issues at school, but I can't blog about THAT, because it would just not be beneficial for me at school. Let just say,' I'm tired of being told to do thing that I don't agree to'. More than that, unless its in writing, I wont do things that I cant justify. Its not fair to the child, parent,me or the school. Remember me in your prayers, that I can just blow it off and let it go! We all know how I am about that! hahaha.

Monday was a women's meeting. I have been a 'member' for 24 years. Monthly meeting...I met my very fav yaya's there, but its becoming so mundane and boring... do I really want to go all the time.

Today is Ash Wesnesday. This is the first Ash Wednesday that I have not participated in Church Service in many years. I really need to go to solidify my 'fast' for the weeks before Easter, but I had dinner in the crock pot, fire started and clothes changed by 4:00. I have to go into Tulsa tomorrow to the TMJ dentist and I didnt want to go two days in a row! LAZY. Now I feel guilty. I told hubs when he got home we could get ashes out of the fireplace and mix olive oil with them.... pretty sad of me huh?
AND I still have not given anything up for lent! I only have a few hours! Yikes .
I gave up chocolate once and my MOTHER, sent me a box of the best chocolates a week before Easter, showing that motherly love huh. Thought about coffee, but i might land in jail! So, hummmmmmm. stay tuned and I will come across something.
I could give up peas, but I hate them!

Oh, a though just popped in my head. I have it... That must have been a God wink... I will give up..... drum roll please......
I need to start saving some $$$$ so I will give up....... frivilous spending. Now lets define that: buying things I dont need. I will only buy thing we have to have.
1. no outfits
2. no more craft stuff
3. no more books until I read the ones I have.
4. no more purses... yikes
5. no more shoes
Oh, dear this is going to be hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mother please dont take me to the mall!!!!!

Ok thats enough for now... i sounding a bit depressing!!!!!!!!1

tootle loo

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday night

Another wedding off without a problem. Well, not exactly, but I handled them a smile on my face and never let them see me sweat! Yep, I did. The wedding was great. I must say it was a major fashion show. So now on to the next one. I dont have another one until later February and its real low key. My friend Pam will do the catering (cake) and its a small wedding.

Now on to the week ahead, I forgot to refill my meds I use at night for my fibromyalgia. So I slept terrible last night and just woke up from a 3 hr nap. I hope to get those tomorrow.

Thats all the news around the 'cottage' right now.

tootle loo,

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

wedding update

Its Sat afternoon... update.... anyone have ZANAX? Ok here we go. 'real wedding planner' checked with MOB this am and yes ,remove the bell. Moi tell's the music director, she isnt happy camper, but is moving them, Sr. Pastor is clueless, CEO is being kept up on all goings on and I am about to tidy up, put on SS clothes and tackle a wedding. Yes my back aches, yes I have the runs, yes I will do whatever, because in this world we live in... we down on the rung of the ladder do whateve possible needs to be done so that the top of the ladder is not sweating! So,
I will be off to the races and then hubs will pick me up to go watch a TU BB game!

tomorrow is another day, and there will be dip n dots at the BB game! yippee skippy!

We had a yummy dinner last night in Owasso, Napoli's, yummy I ate tons of their soft, cheesy salty, yeast, hot bread! my mouth is watering now!

tootle loo,

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Yea, it might look good at the movie... but in real life, I dont think I am getting paid enough!!!!
OK, like realllllllllly big huuuuuuuuge wedding tomorrow. The rehearsal was tonight. MOB wanted to practice seating everyone, yes everyone... I did not have the list of who is who and who is escorting whom and which cant sit next to who, because which and who are divorced and it cant sit with who, because they dont speak. But MOB and FOG do speak, but they are really BIG donors and want perfection!!!!!!!
So I fumbled through tha senario while I am sweating profusley, after teaching second grade all day... oh where was I, yes the wedding. I get everyone seated and we practice. Bride is tearing as we practice the shortened version of the vows. Oops, where are the tissues! Ok, lets move on.
We lined up the 7 bridesmaids, no the first 2 were manmaids, then 5 more bridesmaid. Two of them are still in transit. All of the best men men were there. Now, the grand piano is in the way , no prob, we will scoot it over and all is well.... No, the bells are out because we are using them in the service on Sunday, so the grand piano is not moving very far. MOB isnt a happy camper, the attendants are not symetrical.
Wedding planner (moi) calls Music director to pack away the bells and we can get them back out after the service... music director says, no can do! Moi call the ' real - paid wedding planner' and tells him to tell the MOB. Oops, she will crap out and they are big donors!!!!! Church wedding planner- moi, calls music director back 1 hour ago to discuss the issue and no response..... moi, needs a drink!!!!
Here is what will happen next... the church wedding planner-moi ,will call the 'real wedding planner' and tell him --no response from the music direstor. The real wedding planner will call the MOB and tell her. The MOB will call the Sr. Pastor, holy crap will hit the fan. Sr Pastor will call the CEO and CEO will call me...GET THE BELLS OUT OF THERE! Music director pissed, MOG happy, Sr. Pastor was bothered on Saturday- not good, church wedding planner needs another drink before going to the church to put away the bell with pissed off music director..... No I dont get paid enough for this.
Have a greaaaaaaat Saturday and pray for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tootle loo

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