Monday, February 18, 2008

Insurance Companies are a pain in the a$$

Yep, they sure are!!!!!

Ok, your know the clamitity after my mission trip to Ukraine. Long story short, I got diarrhea, like to the max. Anyway I have been arguing with the Mission Trip Insurance Co., they say they are a "Follow you Home" insurance coverage. Well, the 'craps" followed me right home and into the hospital! They dont want to pay my deductible because I didnt go to the hospital in Ukraine!!! Hello, would they have gone to the hospital in Ukraine. Even out host suggested I go home first! Well, WE ARE NOT FINISHED! I will continue to haunt them until they pay! I hope they dont block my emails.... I have ways , Its war now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. They sure collected the money from us!!!!

Now, finally my school got our website up and running. So I did my website today its sooooo cuuuuute! You can see it at just go to Wilson's site, then to staff and all the way down to my name PSheehan. click and go see me.

Its the cutest one on the whole district! yep it sure is.

no, I have not found my ring. But I did tell hubs. He said in his laid back way' I'm sure it will turn up, its just misplaced'. Maybe he will get me another bigger on later???

I was so hungry for broccoli cheese soup today. I made a big crock of it and have it dished up into 5 cups to take to fellow teachers tomorrow. It had beer, velvetta, chicken broth, spices, and broccoli, yummo!

thats it for today, hubs will be home later, I am already in my pj's. I had PEO tonight. I had too much to do. My TA at school has a birthday, I have a cake to make and party to prepare, you know how I love parties!!!!!! pics to follow.

tootle loo,

PS- hope no one out in bloggerville works for an insurance company!

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