Friday, February 15, 2008


You are not going to believe this. I love, love, love candles. Just 2 minutes ago, I am loaded up the ipod... I smell something like burning! Yep my Tyler Candle was on fire. It sits in a crock on an ottoman. I look up and flames about 6-8 inches high are flying up in the air. THANK GOD HUBS WAS ASLEEP. He hates candles for just that reason! I threw the lid on it and grabbed a towel from the pile of laundry on the couch! I put the crock on the fireplace and about crapped in my panties!!!!!!

I will be email Tyler Candles tonight!!!!! Be careful, the blow up!

tootle loo

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tommie said...

eekss, it is o good you got out wiht just a smoooch. i hope it all goes weelll

Little Town Big Life said...

Wow!! Glad you found it before it did major damage! It's too cold to be relocating & cleaning up soot!!

Did you check out my new look?

Ashley said...

uh, oh, i just bought two candles from surcee yesterday!

Shabbee Chick said...

Nuh-uh!!! Was it one of those crock thingys with the melts????? I use those-I bought it from Surcee and it is ALWAYS plugged in. Was it that thingy????

Oh No!