Saturday, February 2, 2008

wedding update

Its Sat afternoon... update.... anyone have ZANAX? Ok here we go. 'real wedding planner' checked with MOB this am and yes ,remove the bell. Moi tell's the music director, she isnt happy camper, but is moving them, Sr. Pastor is clueless, CEO is being kept up on all goings on and I am about to tidy up, put on SS clothes and tackle a wedding. Yes my back aches, yes I have the runs, yes I will do whatever, because in this world we live in... we down on the rung of the ladder do whateve possible needs to be done so that the top of the ladder is not sweating! So,
I will be off to the races and then hubs will pick me up to go watch a TU BB game!

tomorrow is another day, and there will be dip n dots at the BB game! yippee skippy!

We had a yummy dinner last night in Owasso, Napoli's, yummy I ate tons of their soft, cheesy salty, yeast, hot bread! my mouth is watering now!

tootle loo,

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your baby boy said...

sounds like a rough one there queenie p!! in need of a big fat massage? wow i sound just like you talk, imagine that..

Jen said...

ooooh, that bread sounds yummy. me needs some now. thanks a lot. :)