Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Stuff

Lets see, Jammies by 4:00, Sudafed by 4:15, snoozing by 5:00. Yep I just woke up at 8:45. I made lesson plans today for tomorrow and the sub is coming in. My ears ache, sore throat, and aching body! I am tired of grading papers with 'body fluids' on them!
Parent, please don't send you kids to school if they have a temp. They cannot keep from sharing it with the entire classroom.
My school is dropping like flies! Kids, teacher and TA's all sick. Hopefully over the weekend we will get back to normal. ha ha me normal!

Well, any who I have an order to get out for TU, so between sleeping and sneezing, I can solder!

I went to Skiatook yesterday to look at 'smart boards' yep they are smart and really expensive. So on the way back to Cville, we were discussing funding options. My idea is to make a calendar, like 'Calendar Girls", I will be Mrs. December and hold miniature Christmas Trees. We could sell them for $10.00 Anywho the 'big boss' though it was hilarious, but hell no! I though it would be fantastic. Each teacher could have a month and hold 2 items of the month. On to more thinking. I even offered to go to the School Board and tell them our idea. Of course, in a small town you know everyone on the board and they know me! No surprises there. I think its connected to that moral turpitude thingy I sign every year. But really what else are we going to do. I don't see $500,000.00 laying around anywhere!

Not much else happening here. Every time I think spring is around the corner, bam its coming right back. I just want nice weather, lemonade and the porch swing, a magazine too! But no, its going to be cold some more!!!!

Oh kuddos to Tyler Candles... yep a big ole huuuuge box was at the door. I got a melting pot, 1 entire box of 30 packages of melts, room spray, fabric wash, and a new candle. I really just intended to have them check the fragrance for a malfunction. Oh well, the house well smell sooooooo wonderful.
Those of you that don't know I was burning a 2 wick candle and it caught on fire! yep, my hubs worse nightmare! He is not really up to par on the whole activity anyway. but Tyler Candles sent me a big ol huuuuuuge box of product.

My laptop is going to TU with hubs tomorrow. He had a guy that works for him, that is evidently smarter than we are about computers. He is from Japan/China/ Korea one of those countries and know all about computers. Hubs will pay him $100. hmmmm better than the Geek Squad.

Better go, Its time for more Sudafed.

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