Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Nothings

Tuesday night nothings....

I set up my class blog... now all my comments are being signed as mrs.sheehan. Good gosh, how did that happen. Its always been 'queeniep'. Make me crazy, crazy, crazy! I downloaded pics on my computer at school and I cant get the blog to upload/download whatever!!!!! CRAZY.

So anywho, I love this book... Fancy Nancy. I am this kind of girl. She has a plain room at home and wants to fancy it right up. So she decs it out somethin awful, really its cuuuute. She gets her whole family to fancy right up too. They dont have as much fun as she does, but they do it. Sound like my whole fam... they just do it to make me happy. Because you know the old saying: If momma isnt happy, nobodys happy. If daddy isnt happy nobody cares. Yep pretty much!

We did glitter today. Why I ask you, why do I do this! Because they-the kids love glitter. I love glitter too, but not in hair, on the floor, glued to the table and dripping of hanging hearts from the ceiling into my hair... no, they are not neat about their glitter, not at all. I told them the glitter rules. Easy on the glue- one skinny line or one dot, DONT GLOB! Well, I have 8-10 globber in my classroom! Good gosh, they got glue in the glitter bottle! They are certainly not glitter kids. Anyway thats all the glitter for this group! I hate globber glitterers!

Oh, yea I got my mouthguard, not I dont play football. Its TMJ, anyway I got it rebuilt... i grind a lot! The guard is built up in the back and it rubbed a sore under my tongue! Then, I REALLY need groceries, but I have worked from a$$ crack to dark the past 2 days and have not had time to go to getgroceries! Where was I... oh I only found tomatoes and and orange for lunch. Not too good if you have a sore under your tongue!!!!

I cooked my oatmeal-you know the yummy steel cut ones, again last night while I slept! Yummy in my tummy this am! Put some butter and a tab bit of syrup and rasins and eat it right up.

Lets see, thats about it for tonight! I hope hubs doesnt read this post. I pay the bills online and forgot to pay them last night,oops 'late fee'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hates that with a passion. WE ARE NOT LATE! whatever.

Have a warm night

tootle loo,

Dont forget 2 days till Valentines Day. Hmmm, I wonder what hubs will get me at the TU bookstore. Its his favorite place to get a fast quick gift! Got to love'm

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tommie said...

What was your favorite gift from the bookstore?

Anonymous said...

I saw a little heart box of chocolates today and thought about you. Oh yes, yours always had a bite out of each one, only on the bottom, so they still looked perfect!

Love ya anyway, Mom