Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Melancholy Monday... oops its Tuesday

I have the sinffles and the sads. I think Im tired and irritated! Whew all in one day. Have you ever lost your mojo? I think mine is gone. I just cant get things right here. I screwed up the laptop, took it to Geek Squad, they want $200 just to clean it up, $99 to back up the files and $150 to load a new anit everything, then $150 to come to the house and set everything up to make sure we are up and running.....
Hubs crapped out and I had to go back and get the computer from the Geek squad. I hadnt paid for it, because it was around $500 and I didnt have the checkbook or Credit Cards with me. I have been leaving them at home, so I dont use them!!!!!
Well, I told them I needed to copy the files myself and brought it home, so its still dead and hubs is pouting about my inability to know what and when to look at stuff. Then the mouse on the big computer is like a humming bird on crack! Its running around the screen like a crazy person.

Its just a crappy evening! Son#1 sent me a file to look at and I cant get it to open.
I am just going to bed and deal with it tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett and 'tomorrow is another day'!

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Little Town Big Life said...

Ok, solution maybe--my sister-in-law's nephew (???) is a computer geek, and works on computers. Why don't you check with him & see what he would charge??? It would be worth a call. Call me & I'll give you his name/number.

There's always another path to choose---I think you are just OVERTIRED!!! Remember??? Don't beat yourself up til you look down that other path!!!