Friday, February 1, 2008

Yea, it might look good at the movie... but in real life, I dont think I am getting paid enough!!!!
OK, like realllllllllly big huuuuuuuuge wedding tomorrow. The rehearsal was tonight. MOB wanted to practice seating everyone, yes everyone... I did not have the list of who is who and who is escorting whom and which cant sit next to who, because which and who are divorced and it cant sit with who, because they dont speak. But MOB and FOG do speak, but they are really BIG donors and want perfection!!!!!!!
So I fumbled through tha senario while I am sweating profusley, after teaching second grade all day... oh where was I, yes the wedding. I get everyone seated and we practice. Bride is tearing as we practice the shortened version of the vows. Oops, where are the tissues! Ok, lets move on.
We lined up the 7 bridesmaids, no the first 2 were manmaids, then 5 more bridesmaid. Two of them are still in transit. All of the best men men were there. Now, the grand piano is in the way , no prob, we will scoot it over and all is well.... No, the bells are out because we are using them in the service on Sunday, so the grand piano is not moving very far. MOB isnt a happy camper, the attendants are not symetrical.
Wedding planner (moi) calls Music director to pack away the bells and we can get them back out after the service... music director says, no can do! Moi call the ' real - paid wedding planner' and tells him to tell the MOB. Oops, she will crap out and they are big donors!!!!! Church wedding planner- moi, calls music director back 1 hour ago to discuss the issue and no response..... moi, needs a drink!!!!
Here is what will happen next... the church wedding planner-moi ,will call the 'real wedding planner' and tell him --no response from the music direstor. The real wedding planner will call the MOB and tell her. The MOB will call the Sr. Pastor, holy crap will hit the fan. Sr Pastor will call the CEO and CEO will call me...GET THE BELLS OUT OF THERE! Music director pissed, MOG happy, Sr. Pastor was bothered on Saturday- not good, church wedding planner needs another drink before going to the church to put away the bell with pissed off music director..... No I dont get paid enough for this.
Have a greaaaaaaat Saturday and pray for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

WoW aunt TT sounds like you have alot of stuff to deal with but i know you can handle it i have faith in you.

Little Town Big Life said...

There is one big reason that I can't tolerate those who expect a return for their monetary contributions!!!! Can you spell S P O I L E D?????

We're all people after all, made of the same blood & guts--we breathe the same air, and we serve the same God. And still, money makes every one think they are soooo special.


Suzanne said...

That sounds fun!!! Hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Do you think, perhaps the MOB would ever come across your blog, I hope not, then it will really hit the fan!
Good luck with the seating, bells and the music director!


Jen said...

Wow. That is so much work! I'm glad I eloped :) That stuff makes me sweat just reading about it. Glad it ended up going well!