Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday wisdom

Ok digital friends...

Hubs bought me photoshop for Christmas. I have downloaded some paper and I dont know how to make it go in the photoshop?? I need a tutorial! Yep I do.
So, someone help me!!!!

Its been a while since I blogged... not much happening around here worth blogging. I had some issues at school, but I can't blog about THAT, because it would just not be beneficial for me at school. Let just say,' I'm tired of being told to do thing that I don't agree to'. More than that, unless its in writing, I wont do things that I cant justify. Its not fair to the child, parent,me or the school. Remember me in your prayers, that I can just blow it off and let it go! We all know how I am about that! hahaha.

Monday was a women's meeting. I have been a 'member' for 24 years. Monthly meeting...I met my very fav yaya's there, but its becoming so mundane and boring... do I really want to go all the time.

Today is Ash Wesnesday. This is the first Ash Wednesday that I have not participated in Church Service in many years. I really need to go to solidify my 'fast' for the weeks before Easter, but I had dinner in the crock pot, fire started and clothes changed by 4:00. I have to go into Tulsa tomorrow to the TMJ dentist and I didnt want to go two days in a row! LAZY. Now I feel guilty. I told hubs when he got home we could get ashes out of the fireplace and mix olive oil with them.... pretty sad of me huh?
AND I still have not given anything up for lent! I only have a few hours! Yikes .
I gave up chocolate once and my MOTHER, sent me a box of the best chocolates a week before Easter, showing that motherly love huh. Thought about coffee, but i might land in jail! So, hummmmmmm. stay tuned and I will come across something.
I could give up peas, but I hate them!

Oh, a though just popped in my head. I have it... That must have been a God wink... I will give up..... drum roll please......
I need to start saving some $$$$ so I will give up....... frivilous spending. Now lets define that: buying things I dont need. I will only buy thing we have to have.
1. no outfits
2. no more craft stuff
3. no more books until I read the ones I have.
4. no more purses... yikes
5. no more shoes
Oh, dear this is going to be hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mother please dont take me to the mall!!!!!

Ok thats enough for now... i sounding a bit depressing!!!!!!!!1

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tommie said...

if you google photoshop tutorials, there are some great ones. I only have Elements.
I would HIGHLY recommend any book by Scott Kelby. He writes in a way that anyone can understand.

Here is the addy to his books:

Anonymous said...

I went to Ash Wednesday tonight and then on to choir. I don't give up anything. Guess I could give up quilting, but that would be as bas as you giving up coffee! I did give up potatos, bread, desserts and Dr. Pepper Jan. 7 because my jeans were to tight. Have lost 7 lbs. and wore the jeans Monday night and they were loose. Yeeeeeah! Mom