Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Snippets

Good Sunday to you.
I am having to use the 'big' computer. My little laptop has a bug. Well it that one I got from looking at a site that said ...look here. Duh, I thought that it was some cool jewelry! I alsohave something on there that says bonjor. I thought I got that when I tried to log on in the Paris Airport. Son #2 and Hubs said have the crud! So its going in to see the Geek Squad tomorrow afternoon!

Anyway, Saturday wedding was easy and I meet with the cutest little bride for a wedding next January. whee thats a long time to plan!
I did my planning in 1 day. Its was one of those one stop shops! Plus a reception back then was punch and cake! So much has changed. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden. After that we went to Aldi! What an experience! Heavens. They dont take debit cards, you pay 25cent for a basket and you have to pay for sacks. That was a one time thingy.
But I did get a ham there and we had it for lunch.

Thats its, I am off to the craft room to craft. I need to make some inventory.
I have decided to have Amber do my website and business cards. I am sure they will look sooooo much better than mine!
I hope to be up and running by the end of March. Yep I do.

See ya

tootle loo,

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tommie said...

I was going to tell you.....there is a girl selling necklaces like yours ....BUT at the top where it hooks onto the necklace, she has a little loop in the shape of those magnetic ribbons you see on cars all the time. Do you know what I am talking about? It is kind of different but really cute. She has a whole bunch of initials. At Christmas time, she had some that said, Ho Ho Ho....

Far From Perfect said...

you have the coolest job.... teaching YES, but your wedding deal sounds fun. I'm thinking, you have them at one end -I get some of them at the end.... I do divorce Mediation. Not always the greatest job.