Tuesday, October 30, 2007

parasites and stink bugs!

I do hope the month of November is better than October when it comes to bugs!!!!
Tonight I came home from school and I though to myself what in the heck it that gosh awful smell??? I came in the house and told hubs that something was smelling outside and inside, what the heck.
Today was 50's day at school. I had a scarf on my head and I pulled it off and this bug fell out of my hair!!!!!! Good Gosh, That is sooooooooooooooooooooo gross.
What is the thing with me and bugs??? This is crazy! I had to immediately go take a shower, wash and condition my hair. I sure hope the month of November is better in the bug area. I HATE bugs and I have had my share for the next 30 years.
Oh. This year is the 100th anniversary of the State of Okla. So we have been doing activities. The other day we put some stuff in a time capsule to be buried in Tulsa. My kids were asking when it would be opened and I told them in 50 years. Being the bright intelligent kids they are, them: " Mrs. Sheehan, will your be dead?"
me: "I don't know, probably."
them: "wow, you are really old."
Then today we are celebrating the 50th day of school by having 50's day. We were talking about 50 years ago, for journal time I had them write about what they thought life was like 50 years ago. Good gosh, they thought I went to school in a wagon with horses. They wanted to know if I had a TV and toys. Duh, I'm not that old!!!!!
I made another necklace this evening for a friend at school. She did her student teaching with me last year and has the cutest little girl. I'm getting better, but not quite ready for the selling market. Just making them for friends for Christmas.
Better get, I need to get my Halloween stuff ready for tomorrow.
tootle loo,

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bathroom light

I want this light in my bathroom. Hubby says it won't be enough light over the sink. I think it will. Its at IKEA and only $40.00. We are going to Dallas/Frisco for Thanksgiving. I'm thinking I might just get it. Don't you think it would look cuuuuuuute in my bathroom. The bathroom is off the bedroom, duh! The bedroom is red toile and the bathroom is white with toile, too. Im think he is WRONG!! yep, that's what I think.

Anywho, I got the most wonderfully funny email from my swap partner. We are swapping Christmas garlands. She is from Australia. How fun will this be? Of all the girlies in the big ole world we are so alike. We both like fru fru, glitter and shabby stuff. Go figure! I am going to start on her garland this weekend and get it in the mail on Monday.

I have a bunch of necklaces I am going to work on this weekend. I have a wedding to do on Friday night, then its relax weekend." Craft City" here I come. I am going to move the TV back into the craft room, then get busy.

I need, need some advise! Ok here it goes. I have taught for 29 years. Good gosh! that's forever. anyway this class is so different. I have 20 kiddos. About 3 of them read on a 4-6 gr level, 5 on 3-5gr level , 3or 4 on 2-4th gr level and 5 below level, 2 at a preprimer level. I have done everything I can think of! Peer tutor, pref seating, treats, bribes, etc, I can't motivate these kids. We do AR each day. They have to have 10pts per month. At the end of the month, those that have the pts can have lunch with me and I bring dessert. Nope, they don't care! I have 2 of the 20 kids!!!! Yep, 2! What is the deal?? Today we were working on consonant clusters. I asked 6 different kids what a consonant is... they didn't know. I went over it, asked the same kids the same question, they didn't know. This went on 2 more times. I finally got so aggravated, I kept them in from art class and they wrote the definition of consonant 10 time. After that 3 of them still could not tell me! Good golly!!!!!! HELP. I moved all the desk from groups to rows. I HATE ROWS!!!!!!! But I am at a loss as to what to do. They will not pay attention to me. I don't use a lot of paper/pencil work,I use more hand on, they still play around and fight and he took something or stare into the air!!!! I'm loosing it!!!!!!!! you think.
Anyway who has a solution????

Ok enough ranting, the Bachelor comes on in a minute and I need to get my jammies on. Pronto

tootle loo

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fast weekend

Saturday we went to OKC. We went to meet with the team from Ukraine, to visit and share photos about the trip.
While we were there we went to visit my Grandma. She is 92 with a birthday coming in a few weeks. Bless her heart, she was/is angry at the world. I guess that is the norm lately with my mom. She yells and cusses at everyone that comes in the door! One of the attendants came in to take her to have her shower. He was not very congenial and I didn't like that it was a guy not a woman. There are other issues that I will discuss with them in the morning. My mom usually has to deal with all of that mess, so Ill try tomorrow. I wonder why God lets them linger when the are suffering. She has macular degeneration, dementia, and hard of hearing. She also has depression and needs a complete medical eval. probably a psych eval too. She keeps telling me she wants to die because she just lays in bed. I wonder... would that be better?

Then we went to Paper Crown. I shopped there for a few minutes and got some cute items for my crafting. I want to learn how to do digital scrapbooking. I bought a book so that maybe I could learn to do this.

We got up late this morning and made it to Church on time! After Church we had a Harvest Hoedown or something like that. Anyway, after that I went to 1st Baptist Tulsa for a Chonda Pierce Concert. Wheee, I got home in time to finish laundry, make some supper and get ready for the next week.

Have a good week,

tootle loo,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have an addiction!

Oh, I know I was going to bed... but I was laying on the couch, thinking! Yesterday, I got all my glass pieces and the rest of the stuff to make my little glass necklaces. Today another package came with little things to put into the glass. So I was pondering what would be my first project. hmmm.
We all know I have a tiny tiny bit of obsessive compulsion. I HAD to go in the craft room and see if I could pull this off!
So, I found an OSU Alumni sticker and slapped those two pieces of glass together. Then I put the copper tape around it and remembered that Flux is my friend. I powered up the solder iron and presto changeo, I made a necklace. Yes I did! Can you see it. I layed it on a towel and I was in a hurry. I think I will wear it tomorrow to school. I am so proud of my little self....
All you Cowboy fans, I can whip one up for you too! Sooner fans... I dont know if I have any OU things, but maybe I could make some little tiny thingy! Maybe if you are nice, really nice! Oh, Im thinking I can make a TU thing. Cause we have TU stuff too. Oh the possibilities are just endless and now it's 10:00 and I am humming like a bird on crack and the thunderstorms are brewing in my mind about all the things I can make.. OH my!
If only my $$$$$ would come in I could just craft to my hearts desire. oh if only.........
tootle loo,

20 phone calls

I think thats all I really need to teach.

I needed to call all of my parents tonight to ''touch base regarding their child''. I missed parent conference night because I was in the Hospital. So I got most of them tonight.

I know they all want the best, me too, but I am ready to go to bed!!!!!

I dont have any news at all except that I am way tired and ready for bed, I am going to bed as soon as Gray's Anatomy is over.

Don't forget to order something cute ftom the initial-inc website.

nighty night

tootle loo!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007




Ok, did that get your attention?

I am hosting a virtual party! How wonderful is that. I don't have to clean the house, you can shop anytime before Saturday night, you don't gain any dessert weight, and you can shop in your jammies! HURRAY!!!!!

The name of the company is "initials-inc". Now, all girls from the south just love, love things with monograms! All of the items are beautiful and the monogram possibilities are endless. You can shop for everyone at once and have Christmas complete. Well almost anyway.

OK here we go. Just click on the website and you can shop and order. If you have any questions you can email me at pennythequeen@gmail.com or Sarah- initial representative at pinkandgreenpreppy@yahoo.com If for some reason you cant get it to come up, go to Sarah's website/blog at: www.initials-inc.com/pinkandgreenpreppy and you can find everything for her business right there. I am not as computer literate as I would like to be. hahaha, but I am trying. Here is the personal invitation:

You are invited to a Virtual Party!

I would like to invite you to shop via the internet as I host a wonderful online “party.” All you have to do is “shop” the online catalog at:

If you fall in love with any of the items like I did and would like to make a purchase, please let my Creative Partner, Sarah Shelton, know via email or by phone (Sarah’s information is listed below). It’s that simple! My “party” will be held October 24-27. You will have 4 days to make your selections. And, should you want to host a Virtual Party of your own, you will have the opportunity to receive $15 reward bucks towards your party as well as many other free and half priced items that can be viewed on the website under “Host a Party.”

To place an order, visit the website above and click “View Our Catalog”. Choose the items you like and you think would make great Christmas gifts for your friends and family. You can either fill out the Contact Us form with your order or just fill out the attached form and email back to Sarah as an attachment. Give your check made out to Sarah Shelton to me or enter your credit card information on the order form. Your order will be place and you will receive your great products within 3-4 weeks!
Initials, Inc……where everything is personalized, and personalization is FREE! You can get a lot of Christmas shopping done early!

They are also looking for new Creative Partners who are interested in joining this growing company. If you would like more information on owning your own business, please contact

Sarah Shelton
—You Design It, We Create It
—Sarah Shelton Creative Partner #1282
—270-860-5918 pinkandgreenpreppy@yahoo.com
—http:// www.initials-inc.com/pinkandgreenpreppy

tootle loo,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Nothings

Alrighty- not much news around here.
Tomorrow starts my internet party. I dont even need to clean house. hahaha
I don't have anything to post, so I will borrow from tommiea at www.tuesdayupdate.com.

Here we go:

4 jobs I have had:
1. teacher- second grade
2. teacher- special ed
3 .worked for my Dad for 1/2 day! He fired me! It was cheaper to give me money than to repair themachines I broke! Yep, its true.
4. worked at a bank- haha yep , I really did. I just put changed in if I was low or high.
OH- I almost forgot... my time in the DELI. this summer.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
1. Gone With the Wind
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3.You've Got Mail
4.Steele Magnolia

I love those old southern girls.

4 TV show I watch:
1. The Bachelor
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. The Amazing Race
4. HGTV anything

4 places I have lived:
1 Okla. City
2. Stillwater
4. ?????

4 favorite foods:
1.steamed veggie
2. Hideaway: pizza of the gods
3. cheese cake
4. baked sweet potatoes with butter, cinnamon/sugar

4 favorite colors:
2.lime green
3.dark red
4. yellow

4 places I'd love to be right now:
1. any warm cozy spa
2. a beach on the east coast with a chair, book and hot tea!
3. Paris
4.Victoria, BC Canada

4 names I love but could not use for my children:
1. Evan- not a manly name ????
2. Jordan- " " "
3. Lindsay- we didnt have a girl
4. Michelle- " " " "

4 movies I could watch over and over:

All 4 I listed above!

tootle loo,

Monday, October 22, 2007


Who opened the north door?
Heaven to Betsy girls and boys, old man winter came rolling right on through the Okla plains! It has rained/drizzled all day (inside day at school). My room is on the north and the entire north side is windows! It's just gotten chilly! Ryan called from Frisco and its even chilly in Texas!

Wheee, did I have a lot to do today. All of my kiddos were glad to see me and I got them back into a routine. My sub and TA were great and graded everything. I almost have it all in the computer and ready to post and print! yippee. I always sleep better when I have those babies in the envelopes and ready to go home!

Ok girlies... Get ready and get those Visa/MC and debit/checkbooks out and dusted off. I am going to have a Virtual Party! Yep, this is new for me. I am hostessing a party and it will be on this site with a link/
I will email to people that I have emails for. Its a company called 'initials'. SO cute thing, all ready for the Christmas season. The good thing about this party is we, ' you and me', can do this in our jammies! Oh- I will serve scrumptious ice cream. Blue Bell Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream. Its yummy. I will eat it for you and tell you all about it. You wont gain one ounce! Isn't that wonderful. Maybe even, Ill have hot tea with peach schnapps! Yes, I think I will.
So be watching tomorrow night! You will get all the directions. Now don't make me look like a fool , so everyone find that one thing you just have to have. They have all sorts of stuff with monograms. You know how we girls from the south just love monograms on everything. It started way back in Campfire/Brownies, when momma would put your initials on your panties. Not the cute ones with ruffles, the ones that were white and went up to your belly button! yep those. Then we moved up to the 'blue gym jumpsuits'. Remember those??? Good gosh we looked sooooooooo bad. Anyway I am rambling.

Get ready,cause I know you will love, love, love these items.

better get to bed, my down duvet is waiting on the bed for me. Should I wake hubs? Who else had a hubs that falls asleep on the couch at 9:00 every night, anf you leave him there??? Come on fess up????

tootle loo

PS- If you notice that I am beginning to gain that 10 lbs back that I lost form my friend parasite... its the blackberry ice cream and my sister's fault. She told me to get eat.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to workin, see ya later craftin... whaaaa

OK!, so turn your head sideways and see the outside of my new purse. You cant see the brooch very good, but its cute! I made it so that it would tie at the shoulder and put tucks/pleats in the top of it. Its lined with pink a stripe. Im loving it. It only took a few hours to make! Ok, I m frustrated, it cant upload the inside, oh well whatever.

Hmmm ...tomorrow I go back to work. I have actually been off for 3 weeks. I went to Ukraine for 2 weeks, then had the parasite for a week and now its back to school. I went up for a few minutes this afternoon, which actually turned into 4 hours! Good golly!

I moved the kids desks, rearranged my stuff and moved my desk a smiggin. Then I got stuff ready for this week and looked through the mountain of stuff from while I was gone! Report cards go out on Thursday and I really wanted to get grades into the computer, but the darn thing was down! Poo, I will be there until midnight tomorrow!!!

Ok enough ranting!
Does anyone out there watch the Batchelor?? Its crazy, I dont like how it potrays women, but I just watch it anyway. Its make the girls looks so caddy and desperate! But, I love to lay right in bed and watch it every Mon. night. Go Figure!!!

Ok, I ran across one of the sites I read and she is starting a new business. I think I will have a virtual party. I like that idea. You dont have to clean house. But I really like to have parties and make yummy things to eat! Anyway look for the catalog on my site in a few days and order some cutie pie stuff! Watch for it.
Its about bedtime, the laundry is whirling in the dryer and I need to find stuff for hubby's lunch tomorrow.
tootle loo,

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yippee, I have a winner

Ok all you bloggers out there in blog land...

First, I fixed my sewing machine! Yep, all by myself. I went into the craft room and sat for a minute and it came right to me. Thanks Dad! I got a bit of baby oil ( I know its suppose to be machine oil, but thats in the garage and WE all know I would never find it.) So then, I got a little hammer and beat that thingy onto the other thingy. It stayed. However, I forgot a piece. Oh well, whatever, it works. I have been in the craft room just stitchin away.

OK now on to the giveaway. I folded them all nicely and put them in a silver bowl, so it was pretty and had hubs draw a name. He was not really awake, but he did it... AND THE WINNER is Tommiea! Oh my gosh and she is a tried and true Sooner Fan. Good thing I used red! Man, I should have used orange. hahaha So, email your address and I will get that little package off to you on Monday morning.

I think its bedtime so off I go.

tootle loo,

Oh yea, I got an email for my etsy friend that I spoke of earlier, she said 'no problem' whoooo, Im not being banned from etsy. go there and see what you can find. Mom, this place will really confuse you, but just put in something you are looking for and hit search!

DEVASTATION... yes its a sad sad day in the castle

I am completely upset!!!!!!! I need to vent and sob, yes sob! I had gone into the craft room, cleaned up and prepared to make my new winter purse. I bought new leopard furry fab at Hobby Lobby and I was going to use some Sis Boom fab I have left over. I even have a georgous brooch to put on the bag. Oh, jeaously would reign when women would see this bag. MY MACHINE CRAPPED OUT!!!!!!!!!! I had one machine from the age of 16 to about 45. Used it all the time and then I bought a new one. Its a Brother. The little thingy that holds the needle holder thingy to the thing that goes up and down has fallen off. Now I have tried and tried to fix it. I even talked to God and my Dad, they live together up in heaven. I got nadda answer! My dad could fix anything... hello, DAD I'M CALLING YOU!!!!! What is this girl going to do without a sewing machine. Its like alcohol to me. I just need to finish some embellishments on my jeans and make this purse and do some other stuff.

So, I just drown a bit of my sorrows with a big fat piece of lemon cake! Its huge! I think I will have to have some tea and peach schnapps- from Hungary. How did THAT get im my suitcase. It must have been a ghost!

HMMMMMMMMMM. huns is coming in maybe he can fix it.

tootle loo

100th POST.... right now!

Look, look right now, sit down and hold on its the 100th post.

Now that was exciting wasn't it.

Oh heavens... the stupid people karma came back and bit my butt today.
Yep, it was me. I have this interest to make glass jewerly. So last night and this morning I was making my list of stuff I needed and looked on etsy. Cause its always easier to have it delivered and I love to open boxes. Anywho, I made a list and was about to order when poof, my internet went kaboom. So, off I went to Hobby Lobby and just bought most of the stuff.
After putting a lemon pound cake in the oven and feeding hubs, and a power nap, I decided to look for the 3 things I couldn't find at Hobby Lobby. I went to my site to check an email and lo and behold, there was my order info waiting for me to pay!!!!! Heaven, I can't pay for that, because I bought it this morning and that would really cut into my craft budget for the month which I have already used this month and next months! Oh heavens. I sent the sweet girl an email to cancel the order and that I would enter her in the drawing tonight! I hope they dont 'black ball' me from etsy, cause I love their stuff.
So it looks like I am the stupid one!!!!!

Wheeh! I will draw the lucky person tonight or in the morning. Shayne honey, since you read this every night- because I am your fav aunt... why didnt you enter in my drawing??????? hmmm cat got you fingers???? Once, I didnt blog for a few days and my nephew-Shayne didnt have anything to read/laugh at before he went to bed! I am sooooooo glad I can provide that service for you! I also have a niece in Texas, I guess she bought a house.... I wouldn't know, nobody sent me a link to see it. sad...sad...sad.... I am her fav aunt... who took you to buy cute clothes and charged them to gma, yep it was me! Who gets all the blame for stinky issues in Target, even though we know it was your MOM! yep me... thats OK. I will be OK. She has the sweetest hubs. He probably thinks I am nutty and a cashew. I gave him a cowboy name , but I forgot it. He's a wrangler wearing, crotch rocket riding, hat wearing cowboy! They are all going to the NASCAR races in a week or so. I just don't get that. They pay lots of money to take their 5th wheel into the middle of the race track in Georgia. Then, they sit there and cant get out or anything for like 3 days and watch the cars go round, round, round. My sister just loves this???? Where did she get this gene! It must be repressed in me. But, if I were going I could have a big ole business. Run a shuttle to the mall every two hours or so, for all the wives. I of course would not drive it, I could make little cookies and bottles of water for the trip to and from and could charge them to go on the shuttle. It could be called "Penny's rolling wheels of happiness." Then everyone would be happy little 5th wheel campers.

Alright I have rambled enough for today. I bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby to make a fall purse. I have all in the info about how I want it in my head, if I can just locate it!!!!!

Better scat, there is laundry backing up in the utility room. Where is that darn maid anyway? Oops, we dont have one!

tootle loo,

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Craft

Yep, this is going to be my new craft. I am going to go get the supplies tomorrow and see what I can make.
We probably have a solder iron in the garage or one of the family sheds, but by the time I seek and find, it will be January 1! The garage is a mess. That is hubby's terrain. I have cleaned it every summer and label and organize, then he starts something and things never go back where they belong. So, I will just go get my own.
I think I will make some of these for Christmas gifts. Hmmm. yep, I think I will.I bought a Sally Jean book a while back and the directions are right in there. I just love her stuff. Mine will not look as good, but she is a professional and I am an amateur. But, I think I can pull this off.
I just love to make things. I made purses once. I entered a craft show at my moms church and I needed about 40 purses! I got to the point of hating them. So, I never make things to sell, just when I feel like it. If I happen to have extra, then I will sell them. Maybe when I retire, I can go into business, but not now.
I had a great day. I left the house this morning and went to get my nails back on!!!! Yes, they were looking awful!!!! Then, I went to TJ Maxx. I needed some stuff and spent an hour in there just looking around and touching and feeling whatever I wanted to touch. Hubby hates when I do that. His idea of shopping is get there, get it, get out! I got some nice black dress pants and some face moisturizer. They had Ahava. Love that stuff. Then I went to get a few groceries at Super WalMart and had a McD's in the car on the way home. Think fat city!!! A little afternoon power nap. What could be better. Yep, its back to work on Monday. I would just love to be independently wealthy! Wouldn't that be wonderful. Just shop/craft, shop/cook. shop/sew. shop/.... I think that would be great. I wouldn't get bored. I would just have fun. My fibromyalgia has not bothered me since I have been off! Go figure that one. You think the stress of 20 second grade is a part of the fibro? Yes, me too!
Ok enough rambling for now, off to read blogs and magazines.
Don't forget to comment for tomorrow night deadline prize!!!!!!
tootle loo,

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hmmm... what a great day!

Here are the goodies for the giveaway! Yep, I made a clipboard, purse size notepad, a thankful journal with a bookmark, thankful jar (full of quotes) and small new testaments.
Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning! I started in the back of the house in the laundry room and hubbys bathroom, and moveforward.
But, I kept getting sidetracked. I painted a chair, rearranged furniture and cleaned out drawers! I still have the boys rooms to clean, but they don't get very dirty.They just need dusted and vac'd.
I woke up the morning to a phone call at 7:30 am from my BFF in McKinney, TX. She wondered if we blew away last night. No, we didn't but there are lots of limbs in the front and back yard! I was glad to hear from her. We went to O-State together many, many years ago. Back when Eskimo Joe's was a 'redneck' biker sleezy bar! No, you sooner fan, it's not now!!! Anyway where was I ... oh, you know how you can talk once every few weeks or months, but just pick right up with the conversation, yep that's us. She is also my BFF that had survived breast cancer not once but twice. She was thinkin ahead when she had her the other breast removed so that she wouldn't have to deal with the whole cancer thing again. Well, 4 yrs later its in her spine and lungs. She kicked that ''ole cancer in the fanny once again. We still have lots of livin to do!
I put chicken in the crock pot this morning, added soup, rice and layed cheddar cheese on top after it was done. Yummy comfort food. I opened all the windows today as I cleaned and let that cool air just wash all over the house. I started to bake a yummy apple pie, but my apple pies are full of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and more butter I could feel the pounds added up on the hiney. So, we had sherbert for dessert! Not the same but OK.
My fav dessert is blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Oh my gosh, I love it. Anyway, my sister called and they have a new flavor at Smacks (her deli), its blackberry cobbler ice cream(Bluebell). I can't find it here! Thats probably a good thing.
That about it for now. I am really tired from all the cleaning! Oh, my gosh... Hubby's bathroom is in the back part of the house. I'm never in there except when I'm in the den. But I checked the shower and good gosh! How nasty. So I cleaned and scrubbed and scrubbed. His first thing when he went in there tonight was" you didn't finish putting the cleaning stuff away and the mop is in the sink, can you move it"? Oops wrong thing to say to me tonight. So, I just sat in my rocker chair like I never heard a word. A few minutes later he was putting stuff away and said the bathroom looked nice. Smart move there hubs!
I think since the parasites are dead, its the last day of Fall Break and I am feeling better,I will go to get coffee at Starbucks and get my nails put back on tomorrow morning! Yep, I will for sure. When I was little, my sister used to call me 'stubby fingers'. My fingers are short and my nails never grew right, plus I bit them off, my nails not my fingers. She probably caused it-- hahaha. Anyway, when I don't have nails on, they look 'ratty' as grandma used to say.
Don't forget to comment for a chance to win the give away.
tootle loo,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid People !!!!

What a Day!
I met every stupid person that lives in the immediate 10 mi radius!!!
This morning I went to Walgreen to get my 200 photos I downloaded yesterday and to download 50 more. So, I took my camera memory stick and spent 20 minutes picking the pics, chose each one and waited for it to upload/download. It got to the very end and crashed! I did it again at the suggestion of the 'girl' at the photo counter. Another 20 minutes, another CRASH. I ask for the manager, he comes and says "Oh, yea, these are not working right". GREAT I just waisted another 20 minutes. total 40 minutes!!!! Fine, let me just have the 200 that are suppose to be ready. They look, look,look and finally I suggest that maybe they are in the box on the counter... Oh, I guess thats where they are. Now Im ready to pay, No, you need to go to the register at the front. Ok, lets go. I get there and the lady said," Do you have the ticket"? Why would I have it... They have to look, cant find it. Call girl at the photo counter... she's new, you think!!!!! After finding a calculator and working at the register that is not working right, Im out of there!

I finished my errands and came home. I'm still waiting for the 'culture'. The phone rings! Its OMNI:
them: Is this Penny
me: yes
them: Ok wait till I get your file.
me thinking: didnt you call me are you not prepared!!
them: UMMM, I have your report ummmm.
me: Ok, what did it say?
them: ummmmm, Its tissue
me: what kind of tissue
them: ummmm I dont know
me: where is this tissue from, me?
them: ummmm, I dont know, lets see, its mucus.
me: ok, what kind?
them: ummmm, I dont know, I just read this to you.
me: what else does it say...
them: ummm, Oh, it says 'early ova',
me: isn't that an egg?
them : ummm, I dont know.
me: who are you affiliated with?
them: ummm OMNI Health.
me: getting pissed off.... now I have tissue form WHERE?, its also mucus and early ova????
them: ummmmmm Ii guess.

Good grief people are stupid and incompetent!

We are having photo's made a Church tonight and its raining cats and dogs! So I better go get out some reputable clothes and get showered. YIKES......

Dont forget to post for the give away.... pictures are coming tomorrow!!!!

tootle loo,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Good morning my little gouls & goblins!
What a foggy morning it is here in Cville. I am still hanging out here at home waiting.... culture, culture... I am going to make up my own diagnosis! Lets see, I must be oozing lots of sweetness, orneriness, goofiness, beats me!
I do have to run into school this afternoon at 2:30 for a 'mentor teacher' meeting. Yep, I mentor a teacher... lucky her,right! She did her student teaching with me last year, so she is perfect. hahah. Anyway, that gives me lots of time to actually take a shower and get dressed in actual clothes. bummer no pj's all day.
My sweet boy Ryan is going back to Texas this evening. I have so enjoyed having him here with me these past few days. He takes such good care of his Momma! He is such a wonderful guy. I am so proud of him and my little guy Lance, too ( he's 23, not so little anymore). We must take Ryan to fill his tummy before he goes back home! Yep, no cooking tonight! I'm thinking Red Robin in Owasso. yummo.
I have decided what to make for my giveaway! A fun glitzy clipboard for all those lists, a thankful journal, a thankful jar for the holiday season and a little surprise. Oh boy, Hobby Lobby look out!
I am also going to whip up some picture frames for all the team members that went to Ukraine.
We have a reunion party in a few weeks, that will be fun to take with me.
Not much news at the Castle-my house...hahaha, today. I can't believe I have not decorated the house yet for Halloween, but I just haven't yet, maybe today! Its one of my fav times of the year. You can bake, decorate, buy candy and play so much! I better get moving.
Have a good day and remember to whisper in Gods ear every now and then! He's always there and waiting to listen.
tootle loo,

Monday, October 15, 2007

100th post coming right up!

I am in a funk! Or should I say I am a funk!

Anyway in honor of my 100th post, I will have a giveaway! Yep, I love, love, love to make presents!! yippee, yippee,

So... all you readers out there in blog land, post a comment until midnight on Saturday, October, 20th! I will draw a name and the winner will get a big fat box at their door step just waiting to be opened. It think it will have a 'Thanksgiving theme'. Yep, thats what will pull me right out of the funk I'm in right now.
Oh, my the thoughs are stirring, the thunderstorms are brewing and I cant wait to get to work. Now, just because I said Thanksgiving doesn't mean pilgrims and turkeys... it might mean giving to other... hahahaha. I feel better all ready!

Ok... Mom and all your friends that read this. All you have to do is click on 'post a comment' and type in the little box that will show up . You can do this, I have faith in you.

Can you all smell the ribs in the crock pot. mmmmmgood. Im actually feeling hungry! As you know from my 1st post this morning, my Ryan is home!!! He is going back to Frisco tomorrow, but he has put me on a hydrating regimen. He makes me drink a glass of water per hour. Its a big un too! Im going to float into the wilderness. Im sitting here in my pj's at 4:00 and can't wait to get started on my give away. Off I goooooooooooooo

tootle loo,

ps. No, I'm not lazy I had clothes on this morning and then put my pj bottoms on for a little baby power nap and they are so cozy!!!
i ido wish I really had this cake sittin on my breakfast room table. You know, white cake, raspberry filling and yummy fattening frosting!!!! Oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmgood

Rainy Fall Day

This tree was full of color just showing off by itself on the banks of the Ute River in Ukraine! What beauty and glory it shows. Just one tree made all the difference in the way you look at this scene. We can make a difference in this world, just like this tree... one by one! I hope I made a difference in someones life while I was there.

I just love Fall... There is nothing like cuddling up with a cup of java and watching Martha Stewart. But the best thing about today is... my oldest Ryan is here with us for a couple of days! That makes it so special to me.

If you know me, you know that my boys and hubby are the light of my life. I love my guys! Sometimes life deals a crappy deck your way and the best way to deal with it is to come home and sleep, eat, and visit. That's just what we are doing the next couple of days.
When I was in the Hospital the other day, one of the guys were calling every hour. They are so protective of Momma!
Love, love, love 'em! MY GUYS!

I am still off waiting for my cultures to come back. I certainly don't want to pass any of this to my kiddo at school. Fall Break starts on Wed. so I will stay home all week and get well. We will hit the ground running next week.

Ok, now on a happier note... my friend at Little Town Big Life, posted them funniest picture of the yaya's. Gee, we are so bee-u-t-ful! Not, we had gone to eat at our favorite haunt in Tulsa and couldn't leave until we created some laughs. Well, I don't know who laughed more us, or the people starring at us! Don't care! Go check it out.

My BFF got tickets to Chonda Peirce! Have you seen her? Oh goodness, she will be in Tulsa at 1st Baptist Church Tulsa. Get tickets now. We will be the ones laughing our heads off. She is so funny and such a woman of faith. She is from the south and a preachers daughter! She will give her testimony and create such a wonderful afternoon. I cant wait to go. Its the last Sunday of Oct. Call now, put down the jave and do it, now!

BFF also talked about the Sweet Potato Queens. Yep, we live vicariously through them! We all want to be them, but as BFF said we are just 'spuds in training'. I am not at all shy. I can do about anything. I think next year we will dress up and be in the Cville Halloween Parade. I don't know if we can pull it off this year, but maybe, be there and see! The group on the mission trip found out how 'unshy' I am , when we were at the Slovakian/Hungary border and I had to GO! I got my toilet paper, got off the bus and went over to the stern guard. I pointed to the TP, and asked in my nice 'southern drawl', and I do a good one, where the nearest toilet would be located! The entire bus was laughing so hard i could hear them. Well, they don't have women border guards, so NO women's toilet. I would have used the men's. The stern border guard in his broken English explained that the toilet was very dirty! Like I wasn't already infected with a parasite! But, No potty for me, we had to go 5 km. to the potty. Now being American, I don't know how far 5kms. would be!!!! I took longer because the driver missed the potty place. Yikes, I was so glad to finally stop.

Ok, so enough rambling, I need to get on with the day. I have a PEO meeting tonight. I just scared the bejeezer out of Ryan. I need to get a surprise pkg. to take/send. I mentioned when we go to Owasso, I need to stop and get something. He about crapped out thinking it was here. These boys know the difference between 'clean' and 'PEO clean'. If we had to PEO clean this house today we would need to call for reinforcements!!!!

Have a great comfy fall day!

tootle loo

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Snooze Day

Isn't this a beautiful little Church! We saw so many in Ukraine and hungry. They were small and mostly Orthodox and Catholic. You could see the steeples from the road as we drove by the villages. Its such a beautiful Country. I believe this is a Christian Church, most of the orthodox Churches had a "onion" top dome and the Catholic of course had the Virgin Mary. I'm a quick study, huh?

Only 3-5% of the people actually attend church. Most of them are just affiliated by family name to a church.
The Methodist Church where we visited was kept going during the Soviet Rule. One of the minister's father was imprisoned for keeping the Church going. What wonderful faith

This is a sweet little lady we went to visit. The other person is Vova. He is the minister of the new church where we dug the footing. The women in the area make these potato pancakes in the morning, just in case someone comes by. They don't have much, but will give you all they have. Her home is so much like the ones you see in old Russian/Soviet movies. The 2 room were very tiny, no running water and no bathroom facilities. Its as wide as you see and not very long. The second room is her little bed and dresser. She has 2 sons that live in Ukraine. She has not seen them for many years. She wanted to have pictures to send to her sons. Im so glad we were able to take the portable printer with us. We gave her 2 pictures and she was so very excited.

Believe it or not, this is a pic of Krushchev's Daca-summer home. He was Ukrainian, and built this in the forest. WE had a picnic in the forest and went for a walk. Our host told us that it was just over the hill. Well, we are such nosey Americans and the gate was open, do off we went.

You can see where the person/mafia is redoing the housse. The windows are new and they are running duct work in the house. The floors are being torn out and repoured with concrete.

This little guy... oh my heavens. I took a picture with his wife and then he decided to have a pic too. I thought he was going to kiss me. You can tell I was squirming to get away. He was so funny. This just happened to be a day that he knew the'pastor' was coming to visit, so he stayed sober. After the picture he wanted to show us his goat. He got them out of the pen and milk them. Then he wanted us to drink the milk. NO WAY, I didnt. but a couple of the ladies did drink it.

Thats all the pic for now, I need to get ready for bed. I am feeling better, but I am not going to school until we have all the cultures back from the pathologist. Gee what a mess!

Have a great day

tootle loo!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pics from Ukraine

This is a picture of the Alps as we fly from Paris to Budapest. BEAUTIFUL ...

This is a pic of the area where we were digging. The team is digging the footing for the new Church Building. In Ukraine it is still hard to get a permit to build a Church, so they got the permit to build a large home. Hmmmm.
It's Moi digging the footing. Yep, that's probably where I picked up my new best friend that is living in my tummy.

These are the grapes that grow on the arbors that they build at entrance of each house. These are the best grapes in the world. They don't eat the outside skin, you squeeze the grape out of the top and it pops right in your mouth. Yummy!!! The grape vineyards are just beautiful. I will put more pick of those on later.

Sharon our resident nurse is digging in the mud. The ground was so wet, our feet were covered in the mud every time we got out of the pit.
The footing quickly filled with water. They will put huge rocks in the ditch, then concrete mixture on top of that. The ditch is 1 meter deep by about 1 yrd wide.

This is the wonderful uptown toilet system.
This is a great one, its a 'two holer';. The guys were building a seat for the ladies. We were having to squat to go to the bathroom.
You can also see how deep the ditch is getting. Yep, he's getting awful close to that toilet that flows right into the dirt!!!
Later in the week, the guys from US didn't dig there. The 2 guys from the Ukraine had boots and they did the toilet area. yukko!
Yep, I was the first one to christen the toilet seat! oops, were is the water to wash my hands... NO, there isnt any... and we wonder where I got the tummy residents!!!!!
Then next day we did put 'bottled germ juice' in the bathroom!

VBS- This was the second day of VBS. The kids go to school until 3:00 and then go home to do homework. The K-3rd grade only stay until noon. They go home and do all their work that was taught that morning! No cheating there.
Then, they all come to VBS at 5:00. Most of them came a bit early and we would color in coloring books and play games. The kids are VERY well behaved. They sit and wait for directions. Just look at those babies listening to me!!!!

Budapest Parliment Building.

Its much more beautiful than this pic shows. At night its lite and oh, so wonderful. That city is just georgous! We were standing at a Castle on the Buda side. The Parliment Bldg. is on the Pest side. The Danube River is the 'A'. Actually, there is a park on an island in the middle of the Danube.

Thats all I have for now. I am going to put some in shutterfly and also in a book, if I figure out how! hahaha but that gives you a bit of information.

I'm feeling much better this afternoon. I ate some lunch and I'm drinking some of my Russian Black Tea, yummy!

Oh, I almost forgot. We were having a picnic in the Ukraine Forest. Its also the same Forest the Khrushchev build his summer home! Yep, the gate was open, so Hubby and a few other and I went in to look around! Its pretty much abandoned. But I did get some tile and rocks from the house. Its looked as though someone was doing some work to revive it. I asked Vova and he said the Ukraine Maffia??? Beats me, but it sounded good. Ill post some pics of that too.

tootle loo

St. John Hospital - Owasso

Yep, thats where I was for the last 3 days. We got home from our trip and I still was having issues with my stomach. I went to see my Dr. to get some Cipro and had plans to go get my nails done, go to Target, do laundry and rest. I knew I wasn't feeling good, but I thought the Cipro would just fix my right up. Oops, she/Dr. slapped my little hiney right into the Hospital! And, what a Hospital it is. Room Service, Nurse to Patient ratio is about 1:1. I felt very pampered! The rooms are great and the service is awesome. What an addition to Owasso!

I had IV fluid for the past 3 days, blood cultures, stool cultures, and various other cultures (gross). Anyway, we know its not e-coli. But the stool cultures are not back as of this afternoon. So I am not sure what has taken up residence in my stomach! I started on Cipro last night and lomotil. The cramps are better and the rest of the issues are getting better! Love how I call them issues!

Hubby picked me up at noon and we went to Target to get Rx's and some groceries as the pantry is still bare! I barely made it through Target, so I guess I'm not back up to par! We all know thats my fav store to hunt around in! Not today. We also have tickets to view the TU Homecoming game from the Presidents Suite tonight! Nope thats not going to happen either, darn-they have the best food there!!!! So, we will hunker down in the house, do laundry and watch TV. I have a sub for Mon/Tues just in case, but if I feel better I will go ahead and go to work. Mon/Tues are parent/teacher conf. nights, I am wondering if I have any meeting???

Thats about all from here. Its time for a bubble bath and nice clean clothes! I cant wait.

tootle loo,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stuck in Paris

No way!

We missed our flight back to Houston, BUT its so foggy and raining that we cant even see the street in front of the airport!!!!!!!
So, no Eiffel Tower. But it would probably cost 100 dollars to get their by Taxi. I have spent 100 in about 20 minutes. The dollar to Euro is 1/2!!! I better just go read.
I dont know when we will get home. Some time tonight I think. Its 1:30 here in gay ole Parie!!!!!

See ya when I get home.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We are still here in Budapest. I am at an internet cafe.
We are loving this town. There is so much history and beautiful buildings. We toured yesterday morning and went to the Market. Last night we went for a Cruise down the Danube. Today we are off the an Island to tour that and then fly home tomorrow.
I am still have stomach issues. More when we get home.

Friday, October 5, 2007

fun day

What a fun day…
The day started out pretty good. We went to the worksite. The guys started putting the big huge rocks in the ditch, then they will follow that with smaller rock and finally cement. They don’t just throw the rocks in. the make them fit into a pattern. They (Ukraine’s )are always very precise with their work The girls went on 2 home visits. The first was a lovely couple. They were so proud of their refrigerator and indoor toilet. Not flushable, but an indoor outhouse. The lady wanted to sing for us. She got out her Hymnal and began to sing ALL the verses to a few songs. She has a beautiful voice, but after 20 minutes of singing I was falling asleep! Then we went to another lady’s home. She lives with her daughter and son in law. They have TV, CD player and a modern washer and dryer and inside toilet- that flushed!

After we got back to the Church lunch was ready. Today we had mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, bread- of course, and homemade sweetbreads and homemade donuts! My gosh, I am going to gain 15 lbs here. The mushrooms are picked daily in the forest.

After lunch we took some flyers about the Church through the village. This has never been something I am comfortable doing, but we had fun. We visited with people and saw beautiful flower gardens. They store their hay in big huge stacks by there homes. They keep their animals nearby, so they need to have access to the hay. We saw an older man that has passed by the church all week with his horse and cart. We were able to take a pic of him and the horse. We spent a couple of hours doing that and then had to get back to teach Bible School. The kids were there and ready to go. We learned about Zaccheaus and did a craft. They love the crafts; I think that’s why some of them come. They have never seen the kinds of crafts we brought from Oriental Trading Co. After Bible School they brought Pizza for us to eat. Yucky it was disgusting! I’m not sure what the meat was but it was nasty. I scraped of the stuff and ate the bread.

We left the church to go the Kamanitizia Church for the Youth Program.
We were changing clothes at the pastor’s house, which is upstairs form the church. I had noticed the buckets of mushrooms. I commented – (not a good thing to do), the pastor’s wife Anna decided to make us fried mushrooms to eat after Church. Oh my goodness, not more food. Whatever you comment about they want to give you, its their custom! yikes
I had volunteered to do 30 minutes of that. We had 2 testimonies and then exchanged names for prayer partners. After that, we went upstairs to eat those darn mushrooms. Yuk! Ok so we sit down to eat a little tiny bit of mushrooms, no, they had bread and then brought out black Russian tea, then chocolates!!!! This went on till 11:00. We were all so tired and about to fall asleep. When the pastor offered me more chocolates, I told him I would save them for breakfast! In the mean time Mike was getting an upset stomach. So the pastor gave him some milk. Mike finished what they had and we loaded up in the bus. We were almost home when he made a stop at a store. He came out with chocolates and more milk!!!!

We got home about midnight and went right to bed. During the night, Mike and I as well as 3 other people on our team became sick. We had some stomach problems and diarrhea. About 2-4 of us stayed at the Hotel today. We hope to meet them at the Church tonight.
Today the ones that went to the work site are cleaning the church and doing my bible school lesson. Then, they will go around the remainder of the village and pass out the rest of the flyers.

Tomorrow we sight see in all three villages. There is a castle and the forest to go see. Sunday we are off the Budapest for two days, and then home. I will post again on Sunday evening. Monday we have a 3 hour tour of Budapest then we are on our own to travel the city and do some site seeing and shopping. I have found a City Market that we are going to. They have handmade crafts etc. I would like to find some flea markets but I think this is the closest thing to that.

Better sign off,

I am getting so tired this week. I think I will have to have my sub work next Thursday. Our plane gets in to OKC at 8:00 pm after a 16 hour flight!!!! Then we drive 2 hours home. So, Mrs. Thomas you are working an extra day. I hope that’s OK. Ill bring you something special for all your hard work. You too Ms Sara!!!!

I found some cute things yesterday for my kiddos. I hope they like them and are being good, so they can have them.

Tootle loo,

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Church of the Servant Website

You can see some great pics at Church of the Servant blog website... Especially one of me coming out of the outhouse.


2 for 1 post

Howdy from Ukriane, Oct 2, 2007
Day 3 was great. We worked at the site and have almost all of the ditch/footings dug. Well the men do! I have helped as much as I can, but they can dig so much faster than me. But, I have been good with the pick axe.

We had a good lunch today too. Soup, noodles, chicken, and the best grapes you have ever seen. The have used pipes to build a structure (arbor) over the area where they park their cars, if they have one, or its used for an entrance to their property. Then the vines grow from that. They most beautiful grapes you have ever seen. They do not eat the outside of the grapes. They squish the grapes into their mouth and then spit out the seeds. I will try to post a picture of them.

I went with the visitation team again this afternoon. We went to a couple’s home. They have goats, chickens and ducks. It’s a custom here to offer guest something to eat. However you are suppose to say no thanks to them for a couple of time and then they continue to insist! Then you can eat. Well, the lady brought out these yummy looking pancake type things that were small and some homemade grape jelly. She offered them and we didn’t know the custom, so we grabbed them right up! They were so good. I’m sure I will gain about 10 lbs on this trip. LOTS of carbs!! We took pictures of the couple and the man grabbed me for a picture, I though he was going to kiss me! Anyway, after we took pics. , he wanted to show us the goats. He milked them and offered us the goat milk. No way… I refused that! One of the ladies on the team did drink it. She said it was good.

We had a good visit with one Volentia. He is the Father of the Pastor of the Church. He talked to us at length about the Soviets invasion and how a lot of his family was sent to Serbia. It was really interesting to hear first hand how the people of that time felt. Parts of Ukraine were under Hungarian-Austrian Rule for years as well as Soviet Rule. Its really amazing how although we speak a different language, we can somehow communicate.

We just got back from a walk to town. They have a grocery store and on the second floor, they have department stores. Oops, they closed at 9:00pm and we got there at 9:15. There is always tomorrow.

It’s about bedtime and I need to get a shower and off to bed.

I will try to post a few pics. It takes forever to get them downloaded!

Miss you all,

Oops, I ran out of time last night and could not post.

Today was pretty much the same, except it rained most of the time. A light drizzle, but enough to make things miserable. Mike worked in the ditch most of the day. I helped move a huge pile of gravel. Until a guy from Ukraine told us not to do it. They don’t really like women to do physical labor! My kind of country!!!!

We had 27 kids at VBS. We started on the wall hanging and made some crafts. Dinner was at 7:00. Team meeting was at 8:00 and I am about to fall asleep.

One thing about this mission trip is, I will not lose weight. Lots of bread, potatoes, cakes, pastries and yummy desserts! The ice cream is the best! Its so creamy. Tomorrow we will be throwing big rock into the ditch to stabilize it before the concrete on Friday. Oh, I almost forgot. One of our team members made a toilet seat!!!!! Yippee, you don’t realize how hard it is to go to the bathroom with just a hole in the floor!!

Two of the little girls at VBS are the cutest little things you have ever seen. I would love to bring them home. I hope to go to the orphanage or school tomorrow or Friday. Its customary to leave money or gifts when your visit either place. The kids sits perfectly still until they are told to do something. They hold their hands in their laps and don’t talk either. Hmmmm, what a difference. Their rooms are just plain, nothing on the walls, not teaching store anywhere. They really don’t have the money for stuff.

Better go down and get an internet card and get this posted. I have been looking for stuff to bring home to my boys and the kids in my classroom. I hope they are being good. Im sure they are! They are the smartest kids in 2nd grade!

See ya later

Tootle loo

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 2

Good morning.
Its 11:50 pm in the States and I am getting up here at 7:50 am. Today we are going to work back at the Church in Perechyn. More digging for the footings on the new Church. Its 1 meter deep by about 60 cm. I think its about a yard dep by about 30 inches.

Anyway, Yesterday we worked on digging the footings and some of us went with the minister to visit some of the elderly shut in at the Church. I went on that walking trip. They walk most everywhere. The lady live in an apt building, similar to those in Dr. Zhivago. Big building, with high ceilings. Lots of doors and two big staircases. Each apt is very ,very small. The living area has a 2 burner stove, table, couch and small cupboard. The second room is big enough for a bed. The lady lives on $80. per month. There is not running water or a bathroom in her apt. She must go outside and down the path. Speaking of bathroom, The toilet at the Church is new… but its outside and there is nothing for the females to sit on. You learn really fast to squat! I tried to send pics, but it takes forever to upload.

We worked until lunch then, some of the ladies brought yummy lunch. The bread is very yummy and the lunch was, soup, cabbage rolls, cake and juice. The cabbage rolls were similar to the ones we ate at school.

Bible School was great. We had 23 kids the first day ! Yikes I planned for about 12. So regroup fast!!!! Yesterday we learned about Moses and today is Noah. They know who God is but that is about all their Bible knowledge. We had M&M and raisins for snacks. They loved that.

Tonight we are serving dinner at the soup kitchen downtown in Uzaghrod. There are a lot of street children. They leave the orphanage at 16. They don’t have a skill, so they live off the street. A lot of them are children of the “Roma- Gypsies”. They are of India decent and treat much like outcasts. Hence the song – Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves…

The food is good, lots of starch and carbs. But filling and nothing like Mexico.
Rick has a sore throat so has not gone with us for 2 days. He stays at the Hotel.
Ii am going to go downstairs and eat breakfast and post this to the web, so I will see ya later.

Your can also read the Church of the Servant blog. Ill attach it in a few.

Tootle Loo,

Breakfast was yogurt, spam kind of meat- yukko, pastries and egg/flour mixture made into a pancake…. Get those cards going…..

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hi day 2

We are great!
Im really tired so this might be a quick post. Im having a hard time getting this done tonight
so, I will post more in the morning. Its late here and 2:30 pm there.