Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have an addiction!

Oh, I know I was going to bed... but I was laying on the couch, thinking! Yesterday, I got all my glass pieces and the rest of the stuff to make my little glass necklaces. Today another package came with little things to put into the glass. So I was pondering what would be my first project. hmmm.
We all know I have a tiny tiny bit of obsessive compulsion. I HAD to go in the craft room and see if I could pull this off!
So, I found an OSU Alumni sticker and slapped those two pieces of glass together. Then I put the copper tape around it and remembered that Flux is my friend. I powered up the solder iron and presto changeo, I made a necklace. Yes I did! Can you see it. I layed it on a towel and I was in a hurry. I think I will wear it tomorrow to school. I am so proud of my little self....
All you Cowboy fans, I can whip one up for you too! Sooner fans... I dont know if I have any OU things, but maybe I could make some little tiny thingy! Maybe if you are nice, really nice! Oh, Im thinking I can make a TU thing. Cause we have TU stuff too. Oh the possibilities are just endless and now it's 10:00 and I am humming like a bird on crack and the thunderstorms are brewing in my mind about all the things I can make.. OH my!
If only my $$$$$ would come in I could just craft to my hearts desire. oh if only.........
tootle loo,

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