Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stupid People !!!!

What a Day!
I met every stupid person that lives in the immediate 10 mi radius!!!
This morning I went to Walgreen to get my 200 photos I downloaded yesterday and to download 50 more. So, I took my camera memory stick and spent 20 minutes picking the pics, chose each one and waited for it to upload/download. It got to the very end and crashed! I did it again at the suggestion of the 'girl' at the photo counter. Another 20 minutes, another CRASH. I ask for the manager, he comes and says "Oh, yea, these are not working right". GREAT I just waisted another 20 minutes. total 40 minutes!!!! Fine, let me just have the 200 that are suppose to be ready. They look, look,look and finally I suggest that maybe they are in the box on the counter... Oh, I guess thats where they are. Now Im ready to pay, No, you need to go to the register at the front. Ok, lets go. I get there and the lady said," Do you have the ticket"? Why would I have it... They have to look, cant find it. Call girl at the photo counter... she's new, you think!!!!! After finding a calculator and working at the register that is not working right, Im out of there!

I finished my errands and came home. I'm still waiting for the 'culture'. The phone rings! Its OMNI:
them: Is this Penny
me: yes
them: Ok wait till I get your file.
me thinking: didnt you call me are you not prepared!!
them: UMMM, I have your report ummmm.
me: Ok, what did it say?
them: ummmmm, Its tissue
me: what kind of tissue
them: ummmm I dont know
me: where is this tissue from, me?
them: ummmm, I dont know, lets see, its mucus.
me: ok, what kind?
them: ummmm, I dont know, I just read this to you.
me: what else does it say...
them: ummm, Oh, it says 'early ova',
me: isn't that an egg?
them : ummm, I dont know.
me: who are you affiliated with?
them: ummm OMNI Health.
me: getting pissed off.... now I have tissue form WHERE?, its also mucus and early ova????
them: ummmmmm Ii guess.

Good grief people are stupid and incompetent!

We are having photo's made a Church tonight and its raining cats and dogs! So I better go get out some reputable clothes and get showered. YIKES......

Dont forget to post for the give away.... pictures are coming tomorrow!!!!

tootle loo,


chocolate girl said...

oh ! you too? i thought it was only me...i thought i was a 'stupid people magnet'. guess it's a virus or something cus they are finding you too!!!

so happy to find your sweet blog! can i enter your contest? i would LOVE that! yes, i love presents and mail...especially nice packages from fellow kindred bloggers :)


sas said...

My husband can't stand stupid people. It is literally his pet peeve. And there are lots in our hometown! :)