Saturday, October 13, 2007

St. John Hospital - Owasso

Yep, thats where I was for the last 3 days. We got home from our trip and I still was having issues with my stomach. I went to see my Dr. to get some Cipro and had plans to go get my nails done, go to Target, do laundry and rest. I knew I wasn't feeling good, but I thought the Cipro would just fix my right up. Oops, she/Dr. slapped my little hiney right into the Hospital! And, what a Hospital it is. Room Service, Nurse to Patient ratio is about 1:1. I felt very pampered! The rooms are great and the service is awesome. What an addition to Owasso!

I had IV fluid for the past 3 days, blood cultures, stool cultures, and various other cultures (gross). Anyway, we know its not e-coli. But the stool cultures are not back as of this afternoon. So I am not sure what has taken up residence in my stomach! I started on Cipro last night and lomotil. The cramps are better and the rest of the issues are getting better! Love how I call them issues!

Hubby picked me up at noon and we went to Target to get Rx's and some groceries as the pantry is still bare! I barely made it through Target, so I guess I'm not back up to par! We all know thats my fav store to hunt around in! Not today. We also have tickets to view the TU Homecoming game from the Presidents Suite tonight! Nope thats not going to happen either, darn-they have the best food there!!!! So, we will hunker down in the house, do laundry and watch TV. I have a sub for Mon/Tues just in case, but if I feel better I will go ahead and go to work. Mon/Tues are parent/teacher conf. nights, I am wondering if I have any meeting???

Thats about all from here. Its time for a bubble bath and nice clean clothes! I cant wait.

tootle loo,

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