Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pics from Ukraine

This is a picture of the Alps as we fly from Paris to Budapest. BEAUTIFUL ...

This is a pic of the area where we were digging. The team is digging the footing for the new Church Building. In Ukraine it is still hard to get a permit to build a Church, so they got the permit to build a large home. Hmmmm.
It's Moi digging the footing. Yep, that's probably where I picked up my new best friend that is living in my tummy.

These are the grapes that grow on the arbors that they build at entrance of each house. These are the best grapes in the world. They don't eat the outside skin, you squeeze the grape out of the top and it pops right in your mouth. Yummy!!! The grape vineyards are just beautiful. I will put more pick of those on later.

Sharon our resident nurse is digging in the mud. The ground was so wet, our feet were covered in the mud every time we got out of the pit.
The footing quickly filled with water. They will put huge rocks in the ditch, then concrete mixture on top of that. The ditch is 1 meter deep by about 1 yrd wide.

This is the wonderful uptown toilet system.
This is a great one, its a 'two holer';. The guys were building a seat for the ladies. We were having to squat to go to the bathroom.
You can also see how deep the ditch is getting. Yep, he's getting awful close to that toilet that flows right into the dirt!!!
Later in the week, the guys from US didn't dig there. The 2 guys from the Ukraine had boots and they did the toilet area. yukko!
Yep, I was the first one to christen the toilet seat! oops, were is the water to wash my hands... NO, there isnt any... and we wonder where I got the tummy residents!!!!!
Then next day we did put 'bottled germ juice' in the bathroom!

VBS- This was the second day of VBS. The kids go to school until 3:00 and then go home to do homework. The K-3rd grade only stay until noon. They go home and do all their work that was taught that morning! No cheating there.
Then, they all come to VBS at 5:00. Most of them came a bit early and we would color in coloring books and play games. The kids are VERY well behaved. They sit and wait for directions. Just look at those babies listening to me!!!!

Budapest Parliment Building.

Its much more beautiful than this pic shows. At night its lite and oh, so wonderful. That city is just georgous! We were standing at a Castle on the Buda side. The Parliment Bldg. is on the Pest side. The Danube River is the 'A'. Actually, there is a park on an island in the middle of the Danube.

Thats all I have for now. I am going to put some in shutterfly and also in a book, if I figure out how! hahaha but that gives you a bit of information.

I'm feeling much better this afternoon. I ate some lunch and I'm drinking some of my Russian Black Tea, yummy!

Oh, I almost forgot. We were having a picnic in the Ukraine Forest. Its also the same Forest the Khrushchev build his summer home! Yep, the gate was open, so Hubby and a few other and I went in to look around! Its pretty much abandoned. But I did get some tile and rocks from the house. Its looked as though someone was doing some work to revive it. I asked Vova and he said the Ukraine Maffia??? Beats me, but it sounded good. Ill post some pics of that too.

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