Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to workin, see ya later craftin... whaaaa

OK!, so turn your head sideways and see the outside of my new purse. You cant see the brooch very good, but its cute! I made it so that it would tie at the shoulder and put tucks/pleats in the top of it. Its lined with pink a stripe. Im loving it. It only took a few hours to make! Ok, I m frustrated, it cant upload the inside, oh well whatever.

Hmmm ...tomorrow I go back to work. I have actually been off for 3 weeks. I went to Ukraine for 2 weeks, then had the parasite for a week and now its back to school. I went up for a few minutes this afternoon, which actually turned into 4 hours! Good golly!

I moved the kids desks, rearranged my stuff and moved my desk a smiggin. Then I got stuff ready for this week and looked through the mountain of stuff from while I was gone! Report cards go out on Thursday and I really wanted to get grades into the computer, but the darn thing was down! Poo, I will be there until midnight tomorrow!!!

Ok enough ranting!
Does anyone out there watch the Batchelor?? Its crazy, I dont like how it potrays women, but I just watch it anyway. Its make the girls looks so caddy and desperate! But, I love to lay right in bed and watch it every Mon. night. Go Figure!!!

Ok, I ran across one of the sites I read and she is starting a new business. I think I will have a virtual party. I like that idea. You dont have to clean house. But I really like to have parties and make yummy things to eat! Anyway look for the catalog on my site in a few days and order some cutie pie stuff! Watch for it.
Its about bedtime, the laundry is whirling in the dryer and I need to find stuff for hubby's lunch tomorrow.
tootle loo,


Little Town Big Life said...

CUTE PURSE!!! But, I wouldn't expect less from you!!! All I got done was a pumpkin costume!!!

Hey, I STILL need your help!!! I know you're going to be busy--and I have to go shopping for catering tonight. And cook tomorrow night==maybe Thurs or Fri evening????

Have a good week= welcome back to the nuthouse!!!

tommie said...

Welcome back to the real world...

I watch the Bachelor. He is from Austin, so he is on the morning radio show I listen to quite often. He seems really down to earth and eager to find love. This morning on the radio he said that up until now it was all about making money so he could take care of someone he really loved. He owns 4-5 bars around 6th street. Anyhow, I am excited to see it tonight to see what two get cut.

Kari & Kijsa said...

LOL....I just finished watching the sad...that sweet girl...i'ts so pitiful, but you can't look away!

Thanks for your sweet comments on our blog!

smiles, kari and kijsa