Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hmmm... what a great day!

Here are the goodies for the giveaway! Yep, I made a clipboard, purse size notepad, a thankful journal with a bookmark, thankful jar (full of quotes) and small new testaments.
Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning! I started in the back of the house in the laundry room and hubbys bathroom, and moveforward.
But, I kept getting sidetracked. I painted a chair, rearranged furniture and cleaned out drawers! I still have the boys rooms to clean, but they don't get very dirty.They just need dusted and vac'd.
I woke up the morning to a phone call at 7:30 am from my BFF in McKinney, TX. She wondered if we blew away last night. No, we didn't but there are lots of limbs in the front and back yard! I was glad to hear from her. We went to O-State together many, many years ago. Back when Eskimo Joe's was a 'redneck' biker sleezy bar! No, you sooner fan, it's not now!!! Anyway where was I ... oh, you know how you can talk once every few weeks or months, but just pick right up with the conversation, yep that's us. She is also my BFF that had survived breast cancer not once but twice. She was thinkin ahead when she had her the other breast removed so that she wouldn't have to deal with the whole cancer thing again. Well, 4 yrs later its in her spine and lungs. She kicked that ''ole cancer in the fanny once again. We still have lots of livin to do!
I put chicken in the crock pot this morning, added soup, rice and layed cheddar cheese on top after it was done. Yummy comfort food. I opened all the windows today as I cleaned and let that cool air just wash all over the house. I started to bake a yummy apple pie, but my apple pies are full of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and more butter I could feel the pounds added up on the hiney. So, we had sherbert for dessert! Not the same but OK.
My fav dessert is blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Oh my gosh, I love it. Anyway, my sister called and they have a new flavor at Smacks (her deli), its blackberry cobbler ice cream(Bluebell). I can't find it here! Thats probably a good thing.
That about it for now. I am really tired from all the cleaning! Oh, my gosh... Hubby's bathroom is in the back part of the house. I'm never in there except when I'm in the den. But I checked the shower and good gosh! How nasty. So I cleaned and scrubbed and scrubbed. His first thing when he went in there tonight was" you didn't finish putting the cleaning stuff away and the mop is in the sink, can you move it"? Oops wrong thing to say to me tonight. So, I just sat in my rocker chair like I never heard a word. A few minutes later he was putting stuff away and said the bathroom looked nice. Smart move there hubs!
I think since the parasites are dead, its the last day of Fall Break and I am feeling better,I will go to get coffee at Starbucks and get my nails put back on tomorrow morning! Yep, I will for sure. When I was little, my sister used to call me 'stubby fingers'. My fingers are short and my nails never grew right, plus I bit them off, my nails not my fingers. She probably caused it-- hahaha. Anyway, when I don't have nails on, they look 'ratty' as grandma used to say.
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tootle loo,


Kari & Kijsa said...

OOOOOH pick me, no, pick ME!!!! we love a giveaway, especially with fabulous creations!

kari & kijsa

tommie said...

those are so cute....make sure you do the magic fold when you fold my comment...fold opposite corners rather than in half!

sas said...

You are one busy lady! I came home from school (work) today and got the upstairs cleaned pretty good. I will tackle downstairs tomorrow! Check out the email I sent you from my Initials-Inc. account. It will be from
ENjoy your weekend!

Kerry said...

you are such a crafty gal!!