Saturday, October 20, 2007

100th POST.... right now!

Look, look right now, sit down and hold on its the 100th post.

Now that was exciting wasn't it.

Oh heavens... the stupid people karma came back and bit my butt today.
Yep, it was me. I have this interest to make glass jewerly. So last night and this morning I was making my list of stuff I needed and looked on etsy. Cause its always easier to have it delivered and I love to open boxes. Anywho, I made a list and was about to order when poof, my internet went kaboom. So, off I went to Hobby Lobby and just bought most of the stuff.
After putting a lemon pound cake in the oven and feeding hubs, and a power nap, I decided to look for the 3 things I couldn't find at Hobby Lobby. I went to my site to check an email and lo and behold, there was my order info waiting for me to pay!!!!! Heaven, I can't pay for that, because I bought it this morning and that would really cut into my craft budget for the month which I have already used this month and next months! Oh heavens. I sent the sweet girl an email to cancel the order and that I would enter her in the drawing tonight! I hope they dont 'black ball' me from etsy, cause I love their stuff.
So it looks like I am the stupid one!!!!!

Wheeh! I will draw the lucky person tonight or in the morning. Shayne honey, since you read this every night- because I am your fav aunt... why didnt you enter in my drawing??????? hmmm cat got you fingers???? Once, I didnt blog for a few days and my nephew-Shayne didnt have anything to read/laugh at before he went to bed! I am sooooooo glad I can provide that service for you! I also have a niece in Texas, I guess she bought a house.... I wouldn't know, nobody sent me a link to see it. sad...sad...sad.... I am her fav aunt... who took you to buy cute clothes and charged them to gma, yep it was me! Who gets all the blame for stinky issues in Target, even though we know it was your MOM! yep me... thats OK. I will be OK. She has the sweetest hubs. He probably thinks I am nutty and a cashew. I gave him a cowboy name , but I forgot it. He's a wrangler wearing, crotch rocket riding, hat wearing cowboy! They are all going to the NASCAR races in a week or so. I just don't get that. They pay lots of money to take their 5th wheel into the middle of the race track in Georgia. Then, they sit there and cant get out or anything for like 3 days and watch the cars go round, round, round. My sister just loves this???? Where did she get this gene! It must be repressed in me. But, if I were going I could have a big ole business. Run a shuttle to the mall every two hours or so, for all the wives. I of course would not drive it, I could make little cookies and bottles of water for the trip to and from and could charge them to go on the shuttle. It could be called "Penny's rolling wheels of happiness." Then everyone would be happy little 5th wheel campers.

Alright I have rambled enough for today. I bought some fabric at Hobby Lobby to make a fall purse. I have all in the info about how I want it in my head, if I can just locate it!!!!!

Better scat, there is laundry backing up in the utility room. Where is that darn maid anyway? Oops, we dont have one!

tootle loo,

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chevytruckin8099 said...

Okay aunt penny here is my comment to enter me into the drawing not that i actully want the prizes but im sure sarah would like them she is kinda crafty like you. I have a feeling that you and her will get along just fine.