Monday, October 15, 2007

100th post coming right up!

I am in a funk! Or should I say I am a funk!

Anyway in honor of my 100th post, I will have a giveaway! Yep, I love, love, love to make presents!! yippee, yippee,

So... all you readers out there in blog land, post a comment until midnight on Saturday, October, 20th! I will draw a name and the winner will get a big fat box at their door step just waiting to be opened. It think it will have a 'Thanksgiving theme'. Yep, thats what will pull me right out of the funk I'm in right now.
Oh, my the thoughs are stirring, the thunderstorms are brewing and I cant wait to get to work. Now, just because I said Thanksgiving doesn't mean pilgrims and turkeys... it might mean giving to other... hahahaha. I feel better all ready!

Ok... Mom and all your friends that read this. All you have to do is click on 'post a comment' and type in the little box that will show up . You can do this, I have faith in you.

Can you all smell the ribs in the crock pot. mmmmmgood. Im actually feeling hungry! As you know from my 1st post this morning, my Ryan is home!!! He is going back to Frisco tomorrow, but he has put me on a hydrating regimen. He makes me drink a glass of water per hour. Its a big un too! Im going to float into the wilderness. Im sitting here in my pj's at 4:00 and can't wait to get started on my give away. Off I goooooooooooooo

tootle loo,

ps. No, I'm not lazy I had clothes on this morning and then put my pj bottoms on for a little baby power nap and they are so cozy!!!
i ido wish I really had this cake sittin on my breakfast room table. You know, white cake, raspberry filling and yummy fattening frosting!!!! Oh mmmmmmmmmmmmmgood


Kari & Kijsa said...

LOL.....we have a mom just like this....we told her she couldn't post until she stopped posting as "anonymous." You are HILARIOUS!!! So glad we found you (and a giveaway too!!!!)

blessings, kari and kijsa

Anonymous said...

pen, your blog is the first thing I do every day. I love it and do not know how I raised such a neat and unusual child. of course sometimes I wondered where you got some of your habits. oh I know I can blame it on OSU and aunt tracy!
Love ya, mom
PS, it was pretty funny watching you and your toilet paper about to wage war with the border patrol!

Lesha said...

That cake looks too good to eat. :-)

natalie said...

Your trip looked wonderful...except the "bug" part of it, of course. I got some kind of bug in Egypt, and the day I went to the Valley of the Kings, I carried a plastic bag in one pocket, and TP in the other! I wasn't gonna miss those tombs, I figured that I may never get another chance to see them! THank goodness for antibiotics!

tommiea said...

that cake looks yummy!

I am trying to remember how I started reading your blog.....

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm one of your mom's friends, but I am more computer savy, I think, than she.
Have enjoyed your stories of your trip... sorry illness took some of the luster from it.
Hope you draw my name... I LOVE presents.
Charlene, from Yukon, but just since September.. it was OKC before then.

chocolate girl said...

did you make that cake?? i am so inspired....!!

sas said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy 100th post! That is great. I am close... at 80 I believe! :) Look for an email from soon regarding ordering from Initials-Inc. I am glad I can help you!

That cake looks good!