Wednesday, October 24, 2007




Ok, did that get your attention?

I am hosting a virtual party! How wonderful is that. I don't have to clean the house, you can shop anytime before Saturday night, you don't gain any dessert weight, and you can shop in your jammies! HURRAY!!!!!

The name of the company is "initials-inc". Now, all girls from the south just love, love things with monograms! All of the items are beautiful and the monogram possibilities are endless. You can shop for everyone at once and have Christmas complete. Well almost anyway.

OK here we go. Just click on the website and you can shop and order. If you have any questions you can email me at or Sarah- initial representative at If for some reason you cant get it to come up, go to Sarah's website/blog at: and you can find everything for her business right there. I am not as computer literate as I would like to be. hahaha, but I am trying. Here is the personal invitation:

You are invited to a Virtual Party!

I would like to invite you to shop via the internet as I host a wonderful online “party.” All you have to do is “shop” the online catalog at:

If you fall in love with any of the items like I did and would like to make a purchase, please let my Creative Partner, Sarah Shelton, know via email or by phone (Sarah’s information is listed below). It’s that simple! My “party” will be held October 24-27. You will have 4 days to make your selections. And, should you want to host a Virtual Party of your own, you will have the opportunity to receive $15 reward bucks towards your party as well as many other free and half priced items that can be viewed on the website under “Host a Party.”

To place an order, visit the website above and click “View Our Catalog”. Choose the items you like and you think would make great Christmas gifts for your friends and family. You can either fill out the Contact Us form with your order or just fill out the attached form and email back to Sarah as an attachment. Give your check made out to Sarah Shelton to me or enter your credit card information on the order form. Your order will be place and you will receive your great products within 3-4 weeks!
Initials, Inc……where everything is personalized, and personalization is FREE! You can get a lot of Christmas shopping done early!

They are also looking for new Creative Partners who are interested in joining this growing company. If you would like more information on owning your own business, please contact

Sarah Shelton
—You Design It, We Create It
—Sarah Shelton Creative Partner #1282

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sas said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Nifty party! Thanks to the introduction to the products!