Friday, October 19, 2007

New Craft

Yep, this is going to be my new craft. I am going to go get the supplies tomorrow and see what I can make.
We probably have a solder iron in the garage or one of the family sheds, but by the time I seek and find, it will be January 1! The garage is a mess. That is hubby's terrain. I have cleaned it every summer and label and organize, then he starts something and things never go back where they belong. So, I will just go get my own.
I think I will make some of these for Christmas gifts. Hmmm. yep, I think I will.I bought a Sally Jean book a while back and the directions are right in there. I just love her stuff. Mine will not look as good, but she is a professional and I am an amateur. But, I think I can pull this off.
I just love to make things. I made purses once. I entered a craft show at my moms church and I needed about 40 purses! I got to the point of hating them. So, I never make things to sell, just when I feel like it. If I happen to have extra, then I will sell them. Maybe when I retire, I can go into business, but not now.
I had a great day. I left the house this morning and went to get my nails back on!!!! Yes, they were looking awful!!!! Then, I went to TJ Maxx. I needed some stuff and spent an hour in there just looking around and touching and feeling whatever I wanted to touch. Hubby hates when I do that. His idea of shopping is get there, get it, get out! I got some nice black dress pants and some face moisturizer. They had Ahava. Love that stuff. Then I went to get a few groceries at Super WalMart and had a McD's in the car on the way home. Think fat city!!! A little afternoon power nap. What could be better. Yep, its back to work on Monday. I would just love to be independently wealthy! Wouldn't that be wonderful. Just shop/craft, shop/cook. shop/sew. shop/.... I think that would be great. I wouldn't get bored. I would just have fun. My fibromyalgia has not bothered me since I have been off! Go figure that one. You think the stress of 20 second grade is a part of the fibro? Yes, me too!
Ok enough rambling for now, off to read blogs and magazines.
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tootle loo,

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