Friday, October 5, 2007

fun day

What a fun day…
The day started out pretty good. We went to the worksite. The guys started putting the big huge rocks in the ditch, then they will follow that with smaller rock and finally cement. They don’t just throw the rocks in. the make them fit into a pattern. They (Ukraine’s )are always very precise with their work The girls went on 2 home visits. The first was a lovely couple. They were so proud of their refrigerator and indoor toilet. Not flushable, but an indoor outhouse. The lady wanted to sing for us. She got out her Hymnal and began to sing ALL the verses to a few songs. She has a beautiful voice, but after 20 minutes of singing I was falling asleep! Then we went to another lady’s home. She lives with her daughter and son in law. They have TV, CD player and a modern washer and dryer and inside toilet- that flushed!

After we got back to the Church lunch was ready. Today we had mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, bread- of course, and homemade sweetbreads and homemade donuts! My gosh, I am going to gain 15 lbs here. The mushrooms are picked daily in the forest.

After lunch we took some flyers about the Church through the village. This has never been something I am comfortable doing, but we had fun. We visited with people and saw beautiful flower gardens. They store their hay in big huge stacks by there homes. They keep their animals nearby, so they need to have access to the hay. We saw an older man that has passed by the church all week with his horse and cart. We were able to take a pic of him and the horse. We spent a couple of hours doing that and then had to get back to teach Bible School. The kids were there and ready to go. We learned about Zaccheaus and did a craft. They love the crafts; I think that’s why some of them come. They have never seen the kinds of crafts we brought from Oriental Trading Co. After Bible School they brought Pizza for us to eat. Yucky it was disgusting! I’m not sure what the meat was but it was nasty. I scraped of the stuff and ate the bread.

We left the church to go the Kamanitizia Church for the Youth Program.
We were changing clothes at the pastor’s house, which is upstairs form the church. I had noticed the buckets of mushrooms. I commented – (not a good thing to do), the pastor’s wife Anna decided to make us fried mushrooms to eat after Church. Oh my goodness, not more food. Whatever you comment about they want to give you, its their custom! yikes
I had volunteered to do 30 minutes of that. We had 2 testimonies and then exchanged names for prayer partners. After that, we went upstairs to eat those darn mushrooms. Yuk! Ok so we sit down to eat a little tiny bit of mushrooms, no, they had bread and then brought out black Russian tea, then chocolates!!!! This went on till 11:00. We were all so tired and about to fall asleep. When the pastor offered me more chocolates, I told him I would save them for breakfast! In the mean time Mike was getting an upset stomach. So the pastor gave him some milk. Mike finished what they had and we loaded up in the bus. We were almost home when he made a stop at a store. He came out with chocolates and more milk!!!!

We got home about midnight and went right to bed. During the night, Mike and I as well as 3 other people on our team became sick. We had some stomach problems and diarrhea. About 2-4 of us stayed at the Hotel today. We hope to meet them at the Church tonight.
Today the ones that went to the work site are cleaning the church and doing my bible school lesson. Then, they will go around the remainder of the village and pass out the rest of the flyers.

Tomorrow we sight see in all three villages. There is a castle and the forest to go see. Sunday we are off the Budapest for two days, and then home. I will post again on Sunday evening. Monday we have a 3 hour tour of Budapest then we are on our own to travel the city and do some site seeing and shopping. I have found a City Market that we are going to. They have handmade crafts etc. I would like to find some flea markets but I think this is the closest thing to that.

Better sign off,

I am getting so tired this week. I think I will have to have my sub work next Thursday. Our plane gets in to OKC at 8:00 pm after a 16 hour flight!!!! Then we drive 2 hours home. So, Mrs. Thomas you are working an extra day. I hope that’s OK. Ill bring you something special for all your hard work. You too Ms Sara!!!!

I found some cute things yesterday for my kiddos. I hope they like them and are being good, so they can have them.

Tootle loo,

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