Monday, October 22, 2007


Who opened the north door?
Heaven to Betsy girls and boys, old man winter came rolling right on through the Okla plains! It has rained/drizzled all day (inside day at school). My room is on the north and the entire north side is windows! It's just gotten chilly! Ryan called from Frisco and its even chilly in Texas!

Wheee, did I have a lot to do today. All of my kiddos were glad to see me and I got them back into a routine. My sub and TA were great and graded everything. I almost have it all in the computer and ready to post and print! yippee. I always sleep better when I have those babies in the envelopes and ready to go home!

Ok girlies... Get ready and get those Visa/MC and debit/checkbooks out and dusted off. I am going to have a Virtual Party! Yep, this is new for me. I am hostessing a party and it will be on this site with a link/
I will email to people that I have emails for. Its a company called 'initials'. SO cute thing, all ready for the Christmas season. The good thing about this party is we, ' you and me', can do this in our jammies! Oh- I will serve scrumptious ice cream. Blue Bell Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream. Its yummy. I will eat it for you and tell you all about it. You wont gain one ounce! Isn't that wonderful. Maybe even, Ill have hot tea with peach schnapps! Yes, I think I will.
So be watching tomorrow night! You will get all the directions. Now don't make me look like a fool , so everyone find that one thing you just have to have. They have all sorts of stuff with monograms. You know how we girls from the south just love monograms on everything. It started way back in Campfire/Brownies, when momma would put your initials on your panties. Not the cute ones with ruffles, the ones that were white and went up to your belly button! yep those. Then we moved up to the 'blue gym jumpsuits'. Remember those??? Good gosh we looked sooooooooo bad. Anyway I am rambling.

Get ready,cause I know you will love, love, love these items.

better get to bed, my down duvet is waiting on the bed for me. Should I wake hubs? Who else had a hubs that falls asleep on the couch at 9:00 every night, anf you leave him there??? Come on fess up????

tootle loo

PS- If you notice that I am beginning to gain that 10 lbs back that I lost form my friend parasite... its the blackberry ice cream and my sister's fault. She told me to get eat.


tommie said...

It is barely in the 50s here....this was after high 80's this weekend!

Hope school is going well.

Little Town Big Life said...

Oh crap---another thing to learn

hee hee hee