Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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Howdy from Ukriane, Oct 2, 2007
Day 3 was great. We worked at the site and have almost all of the ditch/footings dug. Well the men do! I have helped as much as I can, but they can dig so much faster than me. But, I have been good with the pick axe.

We had a good lunch today too. Soup, noodles, chicken, and the best grapes you have ever seen. The have used pipes to build a structure (arbor) over the area where they park their cars, if they have one, or its used for an entrance to their property. Then the vines grow from that. They most beautiful grapes you have ever seen. They do not eat the outside of the grapes. They squish the grapes into their mouth and then spit out the seeds. I will try to post a picture of them.

I went with the visitation team again this afternoon. We went to a couple’s home. They have goats, chickens and ducks. It’s a custom here to offer guest something to eat. However you are suppose to say no thanks to them for a couple of time and then they continue to insist! Then you can eat. Well, the lady brought out these yummy looking pancake type things that were small and some homemade grape jelly. She offered them and we didn’t know the custom, so we grabbed them right up! They were so good. I’m sure I will gain about 10 lbs on this trip. LOTS of carbs!! We took pictures of the couple and the man grabbed me for a picture, I though he was going to kiss me! Anyway, after we took pics. , he wanted to show us the goats. He milked them and offered us the goat milk. No way… I refused that! One of the ladies on the team did drink it. She said it was good.

We had a good visit with one Volentia. He is the Father of the Pastor of the Church. He talked to us at length about the Soviets invasion and how a lot of his family was sent to Serbia. It was really interesting to hear first hand how the people of that time felt. Parts of Ukraine were under Hungarian-Austrian Rule for years as well as Soviet Rule. Its really amazing how although we speak a different language, we can somehow communicate.

We just got back from a walk to town. They have a grocery store and on the second floor, they have department stores. Oops, they closed at 9:00pm and we got there at 9:15. There is always tomorrow.

It’s about bedtime and I need to get a shower and off to bed.

I will try to post a few pics. It takes forever to get them downloaded!

Miss you all,

Oops, I ran out of time last night and could not post.

Today was pretty much the same, except it rained most of the time. A light drizzle, but enough to make things miserable. Mike worked in the ditch most of the day. I helped move a huge pile of gravel. Until a guy from Ukraine told us not to do it. They don’t really like women to do physical labor! My kind of country!!!!

We had 27 kids at VBS. We started on the wall hanging and made some crafts. Dinner was at 7:00. Team meeting was at 8:00 and I am about to fall asleep.

One thing about this mission trip is, I will not lose weight. Lots of bread, potatoes, cakes, pastries and yummy desserts! The ice cream is the best! Its so creamy. Tomorrow we will be throwing big rock into the ditch to stabilize it before the concrete on Friday. Oh, I almost forgot. One of our team members made a toilet seat!!!!! Yippee, you don’t realize how hard it is to go to the bathroom with just a hole in the floor!!

Two of the little girls at VBS are the cutest little things you have ever seen. I would love to bring them home. I hope to go to the orphanage or school tomorrow or Friday. Its customary to leave money or gifts when your visit either place. The kids sits perfectly still until they are told to do something. They hold their hands in their laps and don’t talk either. Hmmmm, what a difference. Their rooms are just plain, nothing on the walls, not teaching store anywhere. They really don’t have the money for stuff.

Better go down and get an internet card and get this posted. I have been looking for stuff to bring home to my boys and the kids in my classroom. I hope they are being good. Im sure they are! They are the smartest kids in 2nd grade!

See ya later

Tootle loo

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