Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Good morning my little gouls & goblins!
What a foggy morning it is here in Cville. I am still hanging out here at home waiting.... culture, culture... I am going to make up my own diagnosis! Lets see, I must be oozing lots of sweetness, orneriness, goofiness, beats me!
I do have to run into school this afternoon at 2:30 for a 'mentor teacher' meeting. Yep, I mentor a teacher... lucky her,right! She did her student teaching with me last year, so she is perfect. hahah. Anyway, that gives me lots of time to actually take a shower and get dressed in actual clothes. bummer no pj's all day.
My sweet boy Ryan is going back to Texas this evening. I have so enjoyed having him here with me these past few days. He takes such good care of his Momma! He is such a wonderful guy. I am so proud of him and my little guy Lance, too ( he's 23, not so little anymore). We must take Ryan to fill his tummy before he goes back home! Yep, no cooking tonight! I'm thinking Red Robin in Owasso. yummo.
I have decided what to make for my giveaway! A fun glitzy clipboard for all those lists, a thankful journal, a thankful jar for the holiday season and a little surprise. Oh boy, Hobby Lobby look out!
I am also going to whip up some picture frames for all the team members that went to Ukraine.
We have a reunion party in a few weeks, that will be fun to take with me.
Not much news at the Castle-my house...hahaha, today. I can't believe I have not decorated the house yet for Halloween, but I just haven't yet, maybe today! Its one of my fav times of the year. You can bake, decorate, buy candy and play so much! I better get moving.
Have a good day and remember to whisper in Gods ear every now and then! He's always there and waiting to listen.
tootle loo,

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tommiea said...

sounds like a fun winner package!

so pick me, pick me....