Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding pictures

 Me, my cousin Julie and my sister Connie...

 Me and hubs... pretty good lookin for 31 years of marriage.

 Ashley- flower girl and my nephews youngest... he was in love with her.
 Bride and Groom... Lance and Laura Sheehan ... so adorable.

 Me... proud momma and he 'sweet boy' the groom Lance!
My sister, Connie, me, my momma, and Linda B
my mom would babysit Linda, she babysit us and we babysit her boys..... long family history there!  love her bunches!!!!

WE had a lot of fun. so laid back and relaxed weekend. i am so excited for the happy couple. they are off to the Bahama's and Key West Fl. 

Tootle loo

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home again and a yukky cold

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I am so slow getting going after my trip to NYC... I got a terrible yukko whining cold... thanks NYC for the littel extra gift. 
I made a smilebox of some of my favorite photos. Im still learning with the camera, but I am getting there. I didnt take as many pics as I thought I would because It was raining or yukky almost all the time. But we had a great time and just trudged on through the mud and snow.

The winner of the give away is  drum rollllllllll Sara C.  I will give you your treat when I see you this weekend for the wedding.
I will take a pic and post it tomorrow... off to take more meds and back to bed.

Tootle loo

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm on my way... and a giveaway!!!!

Oh heavenly days, I am leaving tonight and will be in NYC for bedtime!  AND just to top off all of my excitement... I am at post 499. Seriously, I have said that much stuff in the past few years. So anywho... I am giving a NYC treat to someone that leaves a little post on my comment... Hmmm will it be in a Tiffany's box, will it be sparkly, will it be big or little..... stay tuned and leave a comment. I will draw the lucky person when I get back on Monday night and post it on Tuesday morning...



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

winter wonderland

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Tootle loo

New York...New York

our front porch...

                                               The back porch...             Ryan trying to shovel...

We will decide tomorrow the fate of our trip to the Big Apple... The United Airlines states that through the3 of Feb they will give vouchers, so probably we will post pone our trip until later in the spring. arghhhh!  "Mother Nature" had other plans for me this weekend. More info tomorrow

Tootle loo