Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding pictures

 Me, my cousin Julie and my sister Connie...

 Me and hubs... pretty good lookin for 31 years of marriage.

 Ashley- flower girl and my nephews youngest... he was in love with her.
 Bride and Groom... Lance and Laura Sheehan ... so adorable.

 Me... proud momma and he 'sweet boy' the groom Lance!
My sister, Connie, me, my momma, and Linda B
my mom would babysit Linda, she babysit us and we babysit her boys..... long family history there!  love her bunches!!!!

WE had a lot of fun. so laid back and relaxed weekend. i am so excited for the happy couple. they are off to the Bahama's and Key West Fl. 

Tootle loo

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