Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being Nene P

Oh  How much fun it is to be a Nene!  My sister told me it would be but you just never get it... It was remarkable to watch son 2 become a dad! He is so cute with 'little miss sugar lump". Yep, thats what she is a sugar lump!  Anyway, Im trying to be a really good nene and not bother them.. Oh boy that is soooo hard. I could just hold that princess all day and smell her sweet baby smell! 

Oh and her mama! She is so adorable with her.... she just loves that sweetie girl! She is a sonderful mommy! 
Any way, I found a bunch of old bandanas around the house and I think I whip this up for her to have tummy time when I keep her this fall. Yep, thats right... I get to keep her everyday! well every working day. Unless her other grandma wants her for the day.... she might!  Thats Ok I can share... So I will be whippin this up and I will show you when Im finished!

Look at this house... I could just live ther!  There is one kinda like it on the way to son 2's house! Seriously we could all live there!  I coudl share this with the whole family!  Im just pretending to be sitting on that porch sippin my lemonade while reading my summer reading list..... oh, I love dreamin..

But instead I will live in my "paid for" house and hubs and I will put in a new kitchen, build a shed in the back, put wood flooors in and live happily ever after being nene and poppy! 
Its still hard to be a nene... I wish the lived next door and I could peek in the window of her nursery every day!   hehehe.....

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Present for moi!

  So... my birthday is coming up and hubs and I love ice cream. I like to make various flavors, but we have a big ole ice cream maker... You know the family size one.  So I was just reading my blogs today and a friend was talking about making ice cream and right there on her web page was a link to amazon and the ice cream maker... tada its on the way!!!!   Happy birthday to me from me......
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Thanks to all those who served or are serving our country so that we may be free to be who we want to be!
My Dad
Hubs Dad

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nene P

Nothing better in the world than being a Nene... We are so proud to announce our sweet baby girl the daughter of our son and beautiful daughter in law.
... Born 5/23, 6 lb 12 oz, 19 tiny inches long. She is just dainty and petite...

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Friday, May 18, 2012


I saw this a bit ago and though you might enjoy watching it also...

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Momma's Day

Happy Mothers Day to my momma and my sister!
They taught me everything I needed to know to be a good momma to my boys.  Mom taught me to cook, clean, play, teach and above all to pray with my children! I had 3 generations of fantastic women in my life to guide me to be the person I am today. I hope I have shared all those things with my boys and my soon to be grand daughter Abby Paige!  Woo Hoo she will be here this week or next week.!!!! Stay tuned!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday thoughts....

This is where I need to be right now!   It centers me, it calms me, it restores my soul!  Yes, I know I should just go read the Bible and let Jesus do all that restoring, but I think he created the ocean/beach just for my soul! Its needs restored about this time every year.  Just ask my momma. Yes, I still call her momma.  My dude husband calls his momma "mother". Me never its always momma!  So I digress... I need to go soak up some ocean.

I am closing another door in this life book I have.  I will nor be teaching preschool next year. I have a new job. Is a great job, A job I have waited and waited for!  Its a dream job.  Im am going to be "nene:, Yep I am keep my sweet little cherub angel baby Abby. No, she is not here yet, but any day now.

Her mommy will be home with her this summer, so I will teach summer camp only 2 days per week and my NE day school. Love those babies to death.   Anyway cant wait for my new job to start.  The only drawback is that they live about 30 minutes away. Oh well, we can figure out the logistics later... So I have the bedroom all ready for Abby and her Poppy is finishing some other stuff around the house so all we have to do is snuggle.

I want her mommy and daddy and her other grandmas to know all about her day so I think I will make a private blog that I can load pictures from each day and a little about her day so they can see her.  I will be a family only blog!  Of course I have to ask her mommy and daddy, but I think this way her other grandma will be able to just click away and see her sweet little face and her antics each day...

I am making banana bread today... I always coat the pan with cinnamon and sugar instead of flour. Well the cinnamon and sugar is in a container just like the seasoning salt... I dusted the loaf pan with seasoning salt... glad I caught it before I pour in the batter.... hehehe

Thats about it ... just needed a little beach time.. If there is anyone that wants me to go sit in their beach cabin for a few day... you just let me know... Im your girl!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


This morning bright and early at 9:00 I went to the eye doctor.. He dilated my eyes and said they should be normal in about 2 hours... its now 1:15 and I am not normal.... Then I went across the hall and got my DTAP shot... you know the  one with tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, yea that one. Will my arm hurts and I have a headache and tummy ache!   Yep I am whining. But I am ready for little Miss Abby to get here. So Abigail Paige as soon as you are ready Nene P is ready to snuggle!!! Just saying!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yummy granola / cereal :
5 cups oatmeal
1/2 cup of nuts
1/2 cup of about 5 different dried fruits
1/2 c honey
1/2 c coconut oil (softened)
1 t sea salt
Mix well and bake 15 min at 200.
I am doing mine in 2 batches....

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