Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday thoughts....

This is where I need to be right now!   It centers me, it calms me, it restores my soul!  Yes, I know I should just go read the Bible and let Jesus do all that restoring, but I think he created the ocean/beach just for my soul! Its needs restored about this time every year.  Just ask my momma. Yes, I still call her momma.  My dude husband calls his momma "mother". Me never its always momma!  So I digress... I need to go soak up some ocean.

I am closing another door in this life book I have.  I will nor be teaching preschool next year. I have a new job. Is a great job, A job I have waited and waited for!  Its a dream job.  Im am going to be "nene:, Yep I am keep my sweet little cherub angel baby Abby. No, she is not here yet, but any day now.

Her mommy will be home with her this summer, so I will teach summer camp only 2 days per week and my NE day school. Love those babies to death.   Anyway cant wait for my new job to start.  The only drawback is that they live about 30 minutes away. Oh well, we can figure out the logistics later... So I have the bedroom all ready for Abby and her Poppy is finishing some other stuff around the house so all we have to do is snuggle.

I want her mommy and daddy and her other grandmas to know all about her day so I think I will make a private blog that I can load pictures from each day and a little about her day so they can see her.  I will be a family only blog!  Of course I have to ask her mommy and daddy, but I think this way her other grandma will be able to just click away and see her sweet little face and her antics each day...

I am making banana bread today... I always coat the pan with cinnamon and sugar instead of flour. Well the cinnamon and sugar is in a container just like the seasoning salt... I dusted the loaf pan with seasoning salt... glad I caught it before I pour in the batter.... hehehe

Thats about it ... just needed a little beach time.. If there is anyone that wants me to go sit in their beach cabin for a few day... you just let me know... Im your girl!

Tootle loo

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