Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Being Nene P

Oh  How much fun it is to be a Nene!  My sister told me it would be but you just never get it... It was remarkable to watch son 2 become a dad! He is so cute with 'little miss sugar lump". Yep, thats what she is a sugar lump!  Anyway, Im trying to be a really good nene and not bother them.. Oh boy that is soooo hard. I could just hold that princess all day and smell her sweet baby smell! 

Oh and her mama! She is so adorable with her.... she just loves that sweetie girl! She is a sonderful mommy! 
Any way, I found a bunch of old bandanas around the house and I think I whip this up for her to have tummy time when I keep her this fall. Yep, thats right... I get to keep her everyday! well every working day. Unless her other grandma wants her for the day.... she might!  Thats Ok I can share... So I will be whippin this up and I will show you when Im finished!

Look at this house... I could just live ther!  There is one kinda like it on the way to son 2's house! Seriously we could all live there!  I coudl share this with the whole family!  Im just pretending to be sitting on that porch sippin my lemonade while reading my summer reading list..... oh, I love dreamin..

But instead I will live in my "paid for" house and hubs and I will put in a new kitchen, build a shed in the back, put wood flooors in and live happily ever after being nene and poppy! 
Its still hard to be a nene... I wish the lived next door and I could peek in the window of her nursery every day!   hehehe.....

Tootle loo

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Anonymous said...

omsCute quilt for Abby. You can never get enough of a great grand daughter!!!!