Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big blue box... Tiffany's

Oh look what came today for our sweet grand baby! It's never to early to have a blue box with a white bow!!!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I won

I won a most beautiful necklace from " noonday collections"! It's a great website that sells beautiful jewelry made by lovely women in Uganda. They then send them to Noonday and they are sold through home shows! They help raise money for adoptions. Go check out the beautiful items.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy days and Monday's

Always make me sew!!!!

Quilt #2....block 1 of 9...

Also listening to Moey bark continually... She is afraid of storms!!!!! Fun day

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh, Rod!

Oh My goodness, WE ALL know how darn much I LOVE me some Rod Stewart. Oh yes I do! Well I have seen him before, but he is coming to Tulsa in August. I SOOOOOOOOO want to go to see him. Did you know I Love Rod  Steward, but the darn tickets are $185.00, well at least the one that are good enough to see him... But I gave up frivolous spending for Lent!  I am in deep conversation with God.... Oh my goodness that is sooooo frivolous....

Tootle loo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

big black boot

Last night I went to take out the trash... I tripped over a rather large men's rain boot... no names mentioned here! hahaha. Anyway, I went to the Urgent Care this morning cause its really swollen and really hurts.... see, that on a scale of 1-4 as far a torn ligaments go mine is a 3. Great! So its wrapped and Im in the dreaded boot once again! Hey boot have not seen your in 3 years... I know your ugly, but Im not in the mood to bedazzle today. Its hurts. I turned down the pain meds that the Dr. was going to give me.... dumb move!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little boy named Lance

My baby boy turns 28 on Monday... seriously I cant believe that he's 28 with a baby of his own on the way. I was just 26 when he was born, but it seems like yesterday that my sweet little Lance was born into our life... He was always attached to my hip and in my arms. He was a momma's boy!   Oh how ornery he was! So sweet and tender hearted but ornery to the core.  He would watch and study everything his "bubby ' would do and then decide if he too would join in. He lived for Dallas Cowboy football. His favorite movie at 4 yrs old was Top Gun. After nap everyday we would watch Top Gun. When he was old enough to go with daddy, bubby and grandpa he would build houses and tear down houses and hang out at the VFW with Gramps.  He and Gramps were the best buddies! 
As he got older he loved to play all sports and daddy was his coach with gramps on the sidelines coaching too. During school he was normally a great kid, but he could give a teacher a run for his/her money... You know those 'teachers kids", they think they know everything!  He achieved all things he set his heart to do and I am proud to call him "my boy"!
I am so proud of the man he has become and I know in my heart he will be the most wonderful daddy in the world.  That little Abby will be so lucky to be born with Lance as her Daddy.

Happy Birthday 'little boy named Lance", mama loves you !

PS. every night I would tell the boys a story ... Lances was "little boy named Lance and I will revies his day and make silly changes, he would always "catch" my mistakes and just giggle.... Ryan had the same story too... I bet Miss Abby will hear that story too!

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