Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love Brighton... who doesn't. At my favorite little store in town- Surcee, its in Owasso, anywho you will find all sorts of stuff. But back to the point. For Valentine's Day this year I gave hubs a little booklet with the Brighton bracelet and charms with cuuuuute spacers. I told him to get me the bracelet and then for events, he could get me some charms to put on it.
So, he bought me the bracelet and two charms with a spacer. One is an angel, cause I am and the other is a heart for Valentine! How smart is that guy! huh! He can sure follow directions, yep he can.
AND, my mom can add to this bracelet too. She can get me a little charm right over at the Hospital next door to her house. She can even walk right over there and pop that thing in the mail.Cause I loooooooove presents. And they are not really expensive. Most are under $20-.

We had the kitchen discussion last night. Actually we were discussing what we would do with $25K. I said kitchen.... kitchen makeover. Every time we get ready, something cuts right in the way. So I told hubs I though I could do the kitchen cabinets at IKEA for less than $2,000. I downloaded all the little thingys and planned my new kitchen ( ready to go get it too), and then I added it up. Cause they do that for you. Oh heavenly daze! $6500.00 Yep. But that was with a new range, microwave, dishwasher, sink and refrigerator. That was everything right down the drawer pulls and the screws are included!

That did not include the new floor- wood and cutting out a wall, no prob! Oh my maybe I need another job. Hmmmm what could I be???

I am pondering retirement! Yes I am. But there is a catch. I would not make as much as if I were working! Darn it. So I can retire and work at a private school. Hmmmm, until the house is paid for! Darn house! I talked to the principal at Rejoice Christian School, when I went to turn in the 7 pg app. He will let me know by May 1. Now hold on to you panties, that DOES NOT MEAN I am retiring. I can't unless I have another job somewhere else. I do wish I didn't have that silly habit of spending money.
You know when you are off work, you do tend to spend a little more. Oh my what ever will I do??????

Off to bed to ponder on the ideas running around in my head!

Tootle loo

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tonight was Logan's Roadhouse night. Yummo. I had 3, yes 3 of those yummy rolls before the salad came. Needless to say I was full, but of course I ate the steak, salad and potato! Oh my I could eat those rolls all day long!

I am actually feeling a bit better with he minerals... I got the protein powder Saturday and have had it for breakfast since then with Soy/Rice Chocolate milk. Its ok, nothing like those yummy rolls though.
Hubs says I am probably taking a placebo, but whatever! This isn't the first time they have laughed hysterically at me!

Son #1 is such a joy to have here with us. I have missed him so much. He taught my classroom this afternoon about Egypt and hieroglyphics. the kids love him,. In fact they want him to teach all the time :) He come a couple of times per week. He and hubs are busy puttin up the fence in the backyard.

Thats all the excitement around here. I am off to bed before 10:00 tonight!

Tootle loo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For the past few months, my massage therapist and chiro. have been telling me to go see "Rose". She is a nutritionalist in Bixby. So this afternoon I did.
First , she stuck my finger and looked at my blood and told me lots of things I knew and she didn't. Then after 1 hr of talking and explaining... my pH is way low. Normal is 7.35, mine is 5.0. I guess when you die its 4.8. yikes! So she says I probably don't have fibromyalgia. Hmmm. I know that fibro is diagnosed when the medical community can t figure out what you have, but have ruled out most everything else.
So, I am low in/on minerals. I bought a bunch of stuff that is suppose to make me feel better in 10 days. I also learned I drink way too much water! Go figure that one. I am to begin the day with 8 oz of water and 15 drops of something. NO COFFEE! yikes. Then have a protein drink- I need more protein. I dont digest my foods either. I have lots of stuff to take to get rid of the over abundance of heavy metals in my blood. We think this is in part from some of the jewelry I am playing with!!!! Also, I need to improve a bunch of other stuff. But to make a long story short, I will try whatever and see if it gets better.
I will certainly let you know how this episode works out.
Tootle loo

Friday, February 13, 2009


I did my Valentine's shopping today. I got hubs a shirt and tie, cliche I know but it really pretty and he needs some. I got son #1- 3 movies. Son #2 got a travel mug, chocolate coffee, and Laura got some Tyler melts and a Vera Bradley mouse pad. I love to shop at TJ MAXX. I also got a few things too! ooop, how does that happens.
Son #1 loves petifores....he has love them since her was a little boy, so there are a dozen in the cake plate on the table! Both boys are running around in Tulsa together. We will meet them after we serve dinner at the Day Center!
Hubs made a reservation at the Gilrease Museum Restaurant for tomorrow night, that should be yummy.
Thats all the info today. Its just beautiful here today. I bought a new Tyler candle and it smells so good with the windows open...

Happy Valentines to all my family. Nope, I did not get cards out this year. I did not think ahead this year.

We did not have to go back to Dallas this weekend so another week of reprieve, I guess. I have just put all this in God's hands and we will deal with it as it comes.

Have a happy heart's day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tootle loo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

time is great

I didnt realize how much I missed having my boys in the some area code. Lovin having son #1 in the area, actually house. I missed him so much.

He is taking a 3 mo. sabbatical and living with us to sort through some things. He was at the top of his game! Traveling all over, without an apt., car and he didnt seem to have a purpose in life. Gee, I am still looking for my purpose at 51 yrs. But, his company lets them have some time off. YEA!

So one more trip to Tx this weekend and hopefully that will be it for a while. We have traveled that road alot the past 2 weeks.

Tootle loo

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sometimes life throws a fast ball and it comes in at 100 mph. It knocks the air out of your lungs. My devotional today was:
"Sometime God needs to redecorate your heart/life. At time its just the decorations and other times, its a complete remodel. But in the end the outcome will be greater for it."
I think we are going through a complete remodel. Nobody is dying, but life has thrown a big fast ball. With lots of prayers and support we, will as a family,will get through this and have redecorated hearts.

Please pray for our family and the issues that one of us is dealing with. We are walking through this together, holding hands and looking forward. This too will pass.

Tootle loo