Friday, February 13, 2009


I did my Valentine's shopping today. I got hubs a shirt and tie, cliche I know but it really pretty and he needs some. I got son #1- 3 movies. Son #2 got a travel mug, chocolate coffee, and Laura got some Tyler melts and a Vera Bradley mouse pad. I love to shop at TJ MAXX. I also got a few things too! ooop, how does that happens.
Son #1 loves petifores....he has love them since her was a little boy, so there are a dozen in the cake plate on the table! Both boys are running around in Tulsa together. We will meet them after we serve dinner at the Day Center!
Hubs made a reservation at the Gilrease Museum Restaurant for tomorrow night, that should be yummy.
Thats all the info today. Its just beautiful here today. I bought a new Tyler candle and it smells so good with the windows open...

Happy Valentines to all my family. Nope, I did not get cards out this year. I did not think ahead this year.

We did not have to go back to Dallas this weekend so another week of reprieve, I guess. I have just put all this in God's hands and we will deal with it as it comes.

Have a happy heart's day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tootle loo

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